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Hello visitors and friends! While I keep working on my webpage ( you can visit my FACEBOOK fan page, go to the Photo/Album section. You can also click HERE. There you can take a closer look of my artworks, sketches, projects on the road, finished works and shared ideas and what inspires me.

My FB acc pic
As I mentioned in my previous post I am posting more often through TUMBLR and INSTAGRAM. But I will keep writing on this blog as well. Managing various accounts can be complicated sometimes. But it’s a good thing when platforms like INSTAGRAM gives you the option to post from 3-4 accounts simultaneously and it saves you time.

Thank you for always coming back, and for visiting! Have a Happy Thanks Giving Day! Blessings*

Moving to a New BLOG: UPDATE: I am staying here for a little more.

Hello Friends!
Just a quick lovely note to let you know that from now on I will blog mostly from TUMBLR :  but will keep writing here for a little longer. —>UPDATE: Because nothing is permanent, honoring the right to change. I have changed my mind, first because I need to keep writing and second because I don’t see why I should stop blogging, even if people read, come, comment or not. This is something that really matters to me. I will keep writing in this Blog and posting but posting more often with announcements at TUMBLR. In other words, you can follow me in both. Besides, I am developing my New Fresh Website ( construction).  And also I am working on some new things including redesigning and coming up with New products I am sure you are going to love. I will probably start blogging through Typepad. But I will be all let you know. It’s just more simple and faster. Meanwhile, this account will remain open, and will be probably be used for my new Domain page for my future website under construction. Meanwhile, please follow me via http://MAJEAKANN.TUMBLR.COM. There will share New Ideas, New sketches, My favorite songs (videos), Stuff I like,  but mostly the process of my illustrations will be held there. It’s a fresh new Start! Add me to your Bloglovin’ too.  I love it. Please Repost, share the word, spread the Love! + Be Happy. Peace.
Image credit: Yvette Inufio

pink luggage

For the Love of elephants

bambina lotus baluni by majeakann marktxt2

I love elephants. This is one of the most recent sketches. These are sacred animals. Here is some is some information I found that I am glad to share:
Elephant’s medicine includes strength, royalty, connection to ancient wisdom, removal of obstacles and barriers, confidence, patience, using education opportunities, commitment, gentleness, communicating in relationships, discernment, intelligence, compassion. If this is your animal guide, these virtues are a part of your natural character. By applying them in your life soul evolution is accomplished. More info here. Have a lovely mid-week my friends.

My Etsy Shop! re-Opened!

Hi friends! I just re-Opened my Etsy Shop. Lots of new beautiful designs. For the moment I have only Prints available, but planning on having greeting cards as well! The good news is that I am currently working on a new children’s book. Please, stay tuned and add me to bloglovin’ for updates. Will be sharing new sketches during the day. If there is something you would like to see in my etsy shop, do not hesitate to comment here, below. Have a Great week!

What happens when I paint

color studies2 by majeakann

Siempre que pinto, tengo un pedazo de papel de acuarela donde pruebo los colores. A veces no tengo el color definido que quiero para la pintura que esté pintando en el momento. Son trazos espontáneos que me ayudan y se van acumulando poco a poco. Pero al final, cuando los veo, se ven tan bonitos, que es irresistible no compartirlo. Que tengan una buena semana. Bendiciones de Luz. .
Everytime I paint, I have a little piece of watercolor paper by my side to test the color swatches. Sometimes I have not defined the color palette I wish for the current painting I am working on. These little traces help me, and are been accumulated spontaneously little by little. Love the final result, they are too cute not to share. Enjoy! Have a good week friends. Blessings of light.

Rain & Flowers (sneak peek!)

Lloviendo Flores watercolor by Majeak Ann

Sneak peek time! It’s been a while since the last time I painted a watercolor. I have to admit I was a little nervous (sometimes I am hard to myself).  I can’t show you the whole piece, because it’s a surprise! I have another one to share, but will share it later. Have a Nice week! Blessings of light for you .

Below my little (but cozy) work space where all the “majeak” happens! It’s where I am working my new watercolors. I always lit a white candle when I paint. Feeling blessed and grateful.

little workspace

Gentle Heart

1-blog- Gentle heart card bambina by Majeak Ann

Accesa a tu corazón muy a menudo para obtener respuestas, para atravesar el miedo y convertirlo en tu aliado, coloca tu mano sobre tu corazón y sentirlo, cerrar tus ojos, cuando tengas unas ganas fuertes de llorar pero no puedes, cuando desees escribir una poesía, la letra de una canción o simplemente sentarte a pintar. Aquí les comparto este dibujo impreso de un “doodle” que había compartido antes.
Ando muy agradecia por las bendiciones que me brinda la vida. En el nuevo año 2015 tendré nuevos diseños “Bambinas y Bambinos” para la venta en mi tienda Etsy. ¡Al fin tengo una impresora profesional!
Para los que tienen cuenta en “Bloglovin’“, pueden seguirme “follow” allí y así se enteran cada vez que actualice mi blog. Bendiciones de Luz*

It’s a good thing to access your Heart everyday, it will get the answers. Everytime you feel fear, place your hand on your heart and feel it, sooner or later the fear will become you ally. Everytime you feel the urge to cry, to write a song or a beautiful poetry, feel your heart. I am blessed and grateful for what I have. Next year (2015) is going to be a breakthrough year. Finally my new line of “Bambinas” is coming alive. New prints will be available at my etsy shop. I have a new professional printer, Finally!
* If you have a “Bloglovin account, follow me there! For everytime I update my blog. Blessings of light to you*. Would love to hear from you, feel free to say Hello! c:

And It whispered…

Listening for a song Bambina by Majeak Ann


“It whispered in our ears showing us what hope was…”

Who can live without Music? Not me! c: I LOVE Music. Most part of the time I get inspired by it, it uplift me, and sometimes It makes me draw when I am out of inspiration. And there are songs that are able to communicate and make you feel even without lyrics. If you look at the sketch above, this cute floating character that is half-fish half-bird, whispered something to her, it’s a little secret, but you will find out if you “listen” closer to the heart… Mother Nature always talk to us. 

Nueva Cara para Marca


Hi friends! I have been thinking on creating or re-designing my logo or create a new logo for my brand. I drew some sketches weeks ago, and today I am sharing it with you at my blog. Please let me know your thoughts and if you have a favorite and / or why? Your feedback and comments are always welcome. Which one you like more #1, #2, or #3? I will post more doodles later. Thank you folks! And have a good week! Always with

Bambina logo drawing by Majeak Ann

Bambina logo drawing2 by Majeak Ann

Bambina logo drawing3 by Majeak Ann

Bambino Boys

Hi friends. I am drawing more boys! These are “Bambinos” boys! © by Majeak Ann
bee boo boy stand doodle3b by majeakann

 I love my boys as well as y little girls (“Bambinas“).

bee boo boy doodle by majeakann

Here is another one! I drew them in 2013, I shared them at my FB page. Please, don’t forget to LIKE he page!

bee boy doodle margarete by majeakann

And another one! May you all have a good weekend! Enjoy! And share the Love. ♥