The Majeak is…

…is starting again*

 It’s been a while and I am excited to come back. I am welcoming you ALL. Thanks for coming back again!


13 thoughts on “The Majeak is…

  1. sera que soy la primera en comentar???? un abrazo, se te extraNaba mucho, se ve muy lindo el nuevo blog!!!

    un beso grande y buen fin de semana..

  2. Thank you Annax, besito!! So good to see you really.

    Cata y Verrito, gracias! Cata me sonrojaste… dio sentimiento, jeje.

    Verrito, es que aún no había publicado el enlace de mi nuevo blog, ya mismo aviso por notifylist, mas lo tenía en privado. Me falta añadir unas cosas….

    I will be back with more, so many things to add.
    more *Majeak Love*

  3. Hey Carrie, thanks for stopping by, the first book is selling in private schools at the moment and in some local libraries. I am not sure when they will become available in Borders/
    But I believe the other two books will be available before the frist one, 🙂 I will let you know for sure, THANKS so much!

    Lorna, amiga!! beso.

    Susan, always so great to see you, hug*

    Hey Miss Trop, always great dn fun to read you! :))

    Jenny, lovely woman, thanks for stopping by!

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