Illustration friday: Rejection


Es muy triste caminar por las calles y ver animales realengos. Al principio muchos se entusiasman con la idea de comprar o adoptar una mascota pues les parece lindos, graciosos y entretenidos. Pero cuando crecen ya nos les parecen útiles sino que estorban, los rechazan. O los dejan en las calles, o en la selva o en los matorrales a su buena mala suerte. Se desorientan, sufren, se mueren de hambre o son atropellados. Aquí les muestro una de las escenas de mi segundo libro ilustrado: “El ponqué de abuela Fefa”, escrito por Frances Bragan Valdejully. Es cuando la niña Alondra le cuenta historias a su abuela Fefa tales como cuánto disfruta de darle de comer a estos animales perdidos, rechazados por sus antiguos dueños. Es definitivo, se necesita de mucha conciencia humana y espiritual para darse cuenta de que estos seres sienten y sufren como nosotros. Solución? Piénselo bien antes de adquirir una mascota, vacúnelos, esterilízelos, invítelo a pasear, juegue con ellos, respete su espacio, recuerdar que no son juguetes, y la más importante: déle mucho AMOR.


How sad is to walk by the streets and to see many abandoned animals. In the beginning the owners of these pets were excited with the idea to buy or to adopt them because they seemed pretty, graceful, and amused to have. But once when they grow they are no longer useful but they are a hindrance to them, they are REJECTED. Either  they leave them in the streets, or at the forest or at the scrubs to his own good bad luck. They become disorient, they suffer, they starve or they got hit by cars. Here I am showing one of the scenes of my second illustrated book: “El ponqué de abuela Fefa”, written by Frances Bragan Valdejully. This scene talks about when little Alondra explains to her grandmother about how much she likes to feed lost mascots. Definitively our society is in need of much more human and spiritual conscience, to notice how much they feel and suffer like us when abandoned. Any solution? Think before getting a pet, vaccine and sterelize them, give them a walk, play with them, respect their space, remember they are not toys, and the most important thing: LOVE them very much.


31 thoughts on “Illustration friday: Rejection

  1. Reflexion profundisima y veraz, Marjorie.
    La compasion por los animales es algo que comparto contigo.
    Si ellos pudieran hablar a cerca de nuestro comportamiento creo que nos harian tener un gran sentimiento de culpa y arrepentimiento.
    Desde hace tiempo no volvi a comer carne, despues de oir el lamento desgarrador de un cochinito durante su sacrificio……
    Cuanto dolor….
    Bellisima tu ilustraciòn y me alegra muchisimo tenerte por aqui de nuevo.
    Un saludo,

  2. I’m so loving this illustration! The book sounds really good, too! This is funny, I just came home after a night on he town with my best friend, who has two dogs, originally found on the street, that she has brought to Finland from Greece. I sit down here at home, come to see your blog and your topic is just that!
    By the way, I haven’ t been able to figure out this buddy icon thing you asked about. I’ve been trying to get rid of mine. I didn’t like it and didn’t want it appearing all over the place. Now I changed it, but I haven’t managed to delete it. Weird! And I don’t get why your icon doesn’ t show at my place! Learning, learning… 🙂

  3. Wow, what a beautiful illustration and powerful message! I agree with you; people need to spay or neuter their pets. There are far too many unwanted animals in this world, abandoned by their owners or neglected. 😦 So sad…I do love this piece, though! =)

  4. so true marjo, it is very sad what happens to strays and pets that are abandoned. bri and i are in the process of becoming a foster home for dogs. i can’t wait to give out more love to animals!

  5. This is so tender. I love animals and understand how many are abandoned for various reasons. We have always chosen our new pets from shelters or even the highway. Lovely work!

  6. ¡qué tal majeak ann!
    la pregunta es retórica si uno mira este blog. Lindo, dulce , como el anterior. Mis mejores deseos para la niña que despierta en este blog. (y te lo digo con Cayetano y Rosario, los dos gatos que viven aquí conmigo)

  7. This is so true, what a beautiful illustration on such a sad, sad topic. It breaks my heart to see abandoned animals on the street, I would love to create safe, caring, no-kill shelters to welcome all these unwanted pets…

  8. Yes indeed. The ads have started to appear here in France before Summer when people seem to like this idea of abandonment more. Lovely illustration Majeak! Thanks for your nice comment on my blog too.

  9. I just saw a falling star, just like the one in Pinocchio’s movie; and I wish for no more dogs in the streets all alone again!

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