Mi tía se está muriendo. Le queda poco de vida. Tiene cáncer terminal, una enfermedad que te come y poco a poco y actúa como la llama de una fogata en la noche cuando hace frío, que poco a poco se apaga. Y terminas con la acompaña de el silencio nocturno, y el olor a cenizas que se entrelaza con el viento salado.

La siguiente foto es un recuerdo de mi niñez, mis hermanas y yo en el centro. Recuerdo cuando compartíamos juntas, bajo la sombrilla o bajo una sábana. Cuando ibamos al pueblo de Juana Díaz y nos encontrábamos con nuestras tías. O cuando ibamos a Nueva York a ver a titi Miriam. No se por qué, pero esta foto me recuerda a ella. Fueron buenos los momentos….Y que puedo hacer en estos momentos? Enviarle mi mejor energía, mis mejores pensamientos, aliento, mi amor y compañía. Hoy volveré a verla al hospital. No encuentran irónico que coloque imágenes alegres para un escrito tan triste?

Debajo les muestro un pedazo de boceto de una de dos acuarelas que estoy pintando para una cliente especial. Espero poder mostrarles la pieza final entera la semana que viene.

“Cuando las estrellas caen del cielo para sembrarse en el mar….y navego.”



My aunt is dying. She has terminal cancer, a disease that eats you little by little like when a flame of a bonfire at night is extinguishing because it is cold. You will end by the accompany of this nocturnal silence, along with the scent of ashes that interlaces with the salty wind. The  photo above is a memory of my childhood, my sisters and me in the middle. These are memories we shared under the parasol or a cotton sheet. When we used to visit our aunts or when we visited our Aunt Miriam at New York. I really don’t know why, but this picture remind me of her. These were good & fun times….I think the best I should do now… is to send my good energy, good thoughts, support, love and the good company to my aunt while she leaves us. Today I will visit her again at the hospital. Isn’t ironic that I am posting happy images for this sad post?

Above I am showing a detail from sketch of one of two watercolors that I am painting for a special client: Michelle. I hope to be able to show the final piece by the end of next week.

“When the stars are falling from the sky to be seed in the ocean….and I sail.”


12 thoughts on “Memories

  1. I am sooooo very sorry to hear about your Aunt. I hope you can cherish your days with her, and hold on to the happy memories. Big hugs to you and your family. xx.x.x.x.xxxx.

  2. Hola hermana querida:
    Tengo esas memorias en mi corazón, mi alma esta llorando de nuevo, pero siento la alegría que estará mejor con papito Dios. Te amo. Sabes que soy fiel admiradora tuya.

  3. Verrito…siempre son bueno recuerdos ah? beso*

    Mirtita, te quiero mucho mucho, gracias por visitarme..pienso igual que tu, estoy loca porque esto acabe..y ella se vuelva luz.

    flossy-p I left you a message, THANKS SO MUCH again.

    Iv, so sweet, thanks so much, I will check and listen to it, never heard about it. Thanks again….

  4. I am so very sorry to hear about your Aunt, Marjorie. My thoughts are with you and your family, during this difficult time. I lost my father to cancer, almost 10 years ago now.
    Sending love and hugs your way,
    Your friend, Anna x

  5. dear marjorie… i’m really sorry to hear about your aunt… i can relate from personal experiences… i think everyone deal with such pain individually, but it would be really nice to just embrace and cherish all the days she has left and say all the things you need to say to her, and let her heart still sing a peaceful and joyful tune… i think it does help to continue to live until the end. *biggest huggs* to you, dear… please take good care of yourself as well. will be thinking and praying for your aunt and the family… xoxo… be strong dear!!

  6. Annax, Faun, LOVE YOU SO MUCH.

    Woolloomooloo, you are so right, THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH. Many many hugs to you too dear. Trully appreciate your wonderful words and support.

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