Spirit from Nature

English below.

Ella es una Ninfa del bosque y del agua. Una ninfa que está preparándose para hacer sus piruetas en el río. Un boceto a lapiz para no dejar que los trabajos digitales me enfríen y me alejen de lo que es la verdadera esencia y naturaleza del arte. A veces nos pasa, y más cuando dejamos de hacer dibujos para nosotros los artistas. Dibujos así como tu firma pues son estos los que salen de tu alma. Y bueno, a regresar con las ilustraciones de textos escolares. Beso*

P.D. Si quieren ver un logo “cute” que hice unos meses atrás visiten el website de la encantadora Christy (aka Sew Fussy y Fussybutt) Ella hace forros en tela para pañales de bebés. Digitaliza los diseños para luego bordarlos. Muy lindos!




She is a Nymph ready to swim and to make her debut at the river. This is a rough sketch I am sharing. Maybe this has happened to some of you. Once in a while it is very important to go back to basics, to the artistic nature. Specially if you do constant digital illustrations. I like to do drawings for myself, since it takes me down to my roots. Drawings like these are like your signature, they come out just right from your inner soul. I am also finishing a custom watercolor work. It is a whimsical painting, and it is kind of big. I hope my scanner does it good, so I can show it here.

Ok, now back to work with the school textbooks again. Kiss*

P.S. If you would like to take a look at a cute logo I did few months ago visit the blog of my adorable friend Christy (aka Sew Fussy and Fussybutt). She does cloth diapers with sweet designs. She digitalizes the designs and make embroideries on them.Lovely!


13 thoughts on “Spirit from Nature

  1. *cuddle* mwah! I love your drawing Nymph! how are you darling majeak? sorry for not visiting here coz of my busy schedule. keep it up, my magical creature! XOXOXO

  2. I really like this drawing, it looks so delicate. What I would give to be able to draw like you (or at all, lol)!
    I will have to put the little Majeak Ann diaper set on Zella and send you pictures, because I know you’re just dying to see your work on a baby’s butt. 😉 Thank you for your nice words, too 😀

  3. Hola Marjorie.. como estás?… , fijate q tienes toda la razón.. a veces estar pegada a la compu haciendo trabajos digitales nos aleja de la maravillosa esencia de trabajar con nuestras pinceladas, pinturas, etc…, me encantó tu diseñito..
    Te mando besitos.. muaks

  4. I totally agree with what you’ve written Marjorie 🙂 and this rough sketch is full of character!
    Time passes so fast and it is already August 🙂 You have a beautiful weekend Marjorie! HUGGGSSS!!!

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