Me and what’s within me


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Fotos como esta son las que me recuerdan que debería estar más tiempo sonriendo. Me veo reir y me contagio. Cuando veo comedias, me río, cuando escucho risas de bebés me alegro, cuando recuerdo buenas momentos me animo, cuando veo ilustraciones lindas tambié sonrío. Que bueno es reir, es muy saludable tanto para tu cuerpo como para tu alma.

También es divertido encontrar fotos viejas y jugar con ellas. Como lo hice con esta. Algunas personas me han comentado, que me parezco a las muñequitas que hago y pienso: “hum, sólo falta que le ponga un sombrero”. Y eso hice. Ah….¿mi colgante? tiene a una de mis “cuties”, sí, ¡que bueno que existe la magia “photoshop”!

Aquí les muestro un dibujo con algo de color. ¿Qué creen observa el niño? Así me siento yo últimamente.



Este es uno de esos dibujos que salen de adentro.

Me despido mostrándoles a una foto de “Marjorie chiquita” con su traje rojo favorito, en aquel momento. Porque esa es la “Marjorie” que yace en mi interior y que morirá conmigo. Que los días que se aproximan sean buenos para todos.




Have you think about all the things that makes you smile or happy? Well I can mention a few. I really enjoy watching comedies, hear baby laughs, bring back great times, nice time I once had with family or friends and I can keep mentioning. When I look at this old picture of me above (not that I have change that much, he-he), it makes me smile. Smiling is contagious. Having a good laugh and not to worry much can make you feel great, without forgetting that is nice for your body and nourish your soul. It is interesting that some friends and people I’ve met through internet has told me that I look like one of my characters. So I decided to have a little fun andt and play with it using some “photoshop tricks” . I drew on me a little red hat and a cute pendant with one of my dollies. Can you notice it?

I am not leaving you without showing a drawing a did a couple days ago.

This little boy (above) is wondering like myself. He is looking at this flying living thing (do you know what it is?)

The last picture is a picture of me, smiling. I remember I asked my mom if I could wear for one minute, just right before going to bed. And believe it or not, that made me happy too! This is the girl that lies within me, that will die with me.

I am still thinking, and guessing and wondering about the new changes that are coming my way, because I decided to. I am welcoming them, although I am a little scared. I like changes…changes are always good. I am daring myself, because I need to grow, I need to become stronger, I need to challenge myself even more. Love you and I will seeing you soon.

Dance in line

English below.

Más “bambinitas”, para que no se me olvide que tengo que hacer las “postcards”. Es una línea graciosa, adorable (“cute”) que deseo hacer, y ¡espero sea pronto!!. Desde hace tiempo quiero convertir mis muñequitas en tarjetas, pero cuando una tiene deberes y trabajos, pones en pausa tus proyectos personales. Aquí comparto más ideas de lo que se está cocinando en mi mente. Estoy ansiosa por verla “vivas”. Ya comenzaron los nuevos cambios en mi vida, los veo pronto. Sigo ilustrando los textos educativos, por eso no me ven mucho por los “lares cibernétivos”. Pero les estoy muy agradecida porque siempre son maravillosos y generosos conmigo. Beso y buena semana.


I am showing more “bambinas” because I need to remind myself that I want these cuties on postcards, and hope this is SOON! Some of my personal projects has been put on pause. Can’t wait to see my dollies alive, on paper products, etc. I wanted to share with you what it is “cooking” in my mind. New changes are arriving to my life, again, and I like it. I have been thinking a lot, but also taking actions.I realized, and said to myself: “Yep, I need these changes, I need to move”.

I am still working on school textbooks, but as soon as I am done , my life will make a nice turn. I will start feeling and tasting the new things in my life (not that I am not doing it right now). It is that when you have work to do, and put on pause your personal projects you feel a little uninspired. But I will get through it. It happens. See you soon my friends! Thanks for being so wonderful to me! Kiss and a good week!

SWEET SIDE NOTE: My special thanks to Marjorie (“aka Kiwi handmade”) for writing such a lovely post about me and the print she bought for her daughter: Hannah.

Marjorie:(jaja la tocaya!!) Nuevamente gracias, tus mensajes me llegaron al corazón ♥. Tu hija Hannah será afortunada de tener una mamá tan bella por dentro y por fuera.Ya sabes, cuando lo enmarques ¡me avisas! 🙂

Illustration Friday: Wedding

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¿Recuerdan a esta pareja? La cucaracha Martina y ratón Pérez. Quiero aprovechar y compartir un pedazo de ilustración para el tema de la semana de “Illustration Friday: Wedding”. Una extraña y divertida pareja. Es de una ilustración que hice para textos escolares. Que la pasen bien y ¡que la disfruten!




Do you remember this odd couple? Well they got married and you are invited to celebrate! For this week IF’s theme: wedding. These are illustrations I did for school textbooks I am still working on. Please, have a slice of cake and may you all have a good week!



Twins in labour

English Below.

Les presento a “Atmanah y Nasta“, son hermanas. Ellas trabajan mucho y cargan cosas pesadas en la cabeza. Pero a pesar de tener mucha carga, de estar a veces cansadas, su fuerza interna las impulsa a seguir caminando. No olvidan y les anima su gran responsabilidad con el mundo. El mundo cuenta con ellas. La naturaleza es una de sus aliadas y ha firmado contrato con ellas. He aquí unas Gemelas. Mis gemelas. ¿Será porque soy geminiana?

¡Espero disfrutes de este dibujo y sea refrescante para tu día!



Meet the sisters: Atmanah and Nasta. They are always working, that have too much left to do. Their minds are too busy, and sometimes things get too heavy to carry on. Although they are in charge of many things, they keep walking. If they fell down, they will wake up and keep working hard until they reaches what they wish for. These “sisters” and witty and will never stop, because they were born for it. Their great responsibilities with the people on earth keep them alive. Besides, these twins are in labour and they signed for a contract with nature. Nature count on them. They are ME, and these are my Gemini twins.



“She is tired…but not for too long.”

Hope you enjoy this drawing and refreshes your day!

Rockin’ and thinking

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¡Hola, estoy viva y casi de vuelta! Por favor discúlpenme por mi larga ausencia. He tenido mucho trabajo, me he enfermado, he batallado (jeje, que dramática soy) y he estado en constante lucha atacando la ansiedad y el stress. Los días pasan volando y en estos momentos deseo un buen masaje. Por el otro lado estoy MUY contenta, pues durante mi ausencia he tenido el HONOR de ser nominada por varias colegas artístas y amigas de la Blogosfera.

Kathryn de “Sniplings” con un Thinking Blogger Award.


Pati de “Cabana Digital” seleccionó mi blog como blog del día.


Y las talentosas, dulces, hermosas e inolvidables creativas amigas: Claudia (Degliuomini) y Paula (Miss Pink) me distinguieron con la mención de Rockin’ Girl Blogger.

NOTA: Debajo están las nominaciones. Y si por mi fuera, nominaba a todas las chicas que tengo en mi Blogroll!! MUCHAS GRACIAS nuevamente.



Please excuse my absence for these past two weeks. I have been sick, extremely busy, hum, under stress and very tired. But I am grateful and thankful, because you always come back and leave me nice comments. And wait for me until I come back. Thank you VERY much.

And here I am back, Rockin’ and thinking!

During my absence I feel honored to be nominated by these incredible talented GREAT cyber-friends with special CYBER-AWARDS.

Kathryn (Sniplings) with a Thinking Blogger Award, Pati (Cabana Digital) with a Blog of the day, Clau (Degliuomini) and Paula (Miss Pink) mentioned me with a Rockin’ Girl Blogger. I can’t thank enough, this was very unexpected, and I treasure things like these. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, I feel grateful..

So here are my 5 nominations for the Thinking Blogger Award:

  • Mall: May Ann Licudine’s work enhances the power of dreams. Her beautiful depictions makes you wonder about about Babu’s world and what is in his thoughts. You will feel true magic, charm and sweet surrealism through her work. You will be bliss with the delight and sensibility of her written words and soul.
  • Gout: Jeffrey’s illustrations are remarkable. The bold lines and dynamic composition of his work without doubt will tranport you to another dimension, full of fantasy. His characters are bold and some have a mix of quirky and cute. I invite you to feel his work by going through his elegant, oldish style yet modern blog.
  • Donowatoso: In Constance’s work there is this glow, this world and a beautiful mind behind. I am totally drawn to it. Her work is full of enlightenment. Her deep and emotional words accompany her illustrations which takes me to another level of conscience and that it goes of the hand with a gold realm. A talented friend a truly special one. Please, take your ticket and travel to her brilliant world.
  • Rainplace: Mike’s blog is all inspiration. It is a transparent pure diary that has very mature and intense artwork. He is an artist that has passion for life and nature. Go visit his blog and take the journey. I guarantee you will taste a bit of his beautiful, fun and creative mind. He is a wise soul indeed.
  • Mundogominola: Claudia, oh! she is surreal. Her watercolor and digital illustrations are stunning. She can create same similar effects in both mediums, it is amazing. Love her whimsical and mature characters, so poetic. She is has deep sense of color and definitely you have to discover her metaphoric illustrations. Great artist and friend.

*Here are the nominations for the Rockin’ Girl Award (If it was up to me, I could have nominated all the girls I have at my Blogroll!)

Annax (she came back with a new blog), Amy (Star Magnolia), Christy (Sew Fussy), Kathryn (Sniplings), Abigail (Theodesign), Máriam (Missisi), Faun (Hands+Notions), Eva (Blau), Susan (Sweet Pea), Flossy-P, Irisz (Artista Muvek), Malin (RITA Illustration), Emma Kidd (Benconservato) and last but not less important, Astrid (Potatomammadesign).

These girls absolutely ROCKS!…I don’t want to leave this post without including an illustration, Ok, let’s play “Peek-a Boo” with her! These are sneak peeks of the illustrations I have been working on for Norma Editorial. May you ALL have a great week and I will be seeing you (hopefully) in a week or so. Many hugs and candy kisses!


“Shhh….he-he! Don’t tell anyone I hide”.