Twins in labour

English Below.

Les presento a “Atmanah y Nasta“, son hermanas. Ellas trabajan mucho y cargan cosas pesadas en la cabeza. Pero a pesar de tener mucha carga, de estar a veces cansadas, su fuerza interna las impulsa a seguir caminando. No olvidan y les anima su gran responsabilidad con el mundo. El mundo cuenta con ellas. La naturaleza es una de sus aliadas y ha firmado contrato con ellas. He aquí unas Gemelas. Mis gemelas. ¿Será porque soy geminiana?

¡Espero disfrutes de este dibujo y sea refrescante para tu día!



Meet the sisters: Atmanah and Nasta. They are always working, that have too much left to do. Their minds are too busy, and sometimes things get too heavy to carry on. Although they are in charge of many things, they keep walking. If they fell down, they will wake up and keep working hard until they reaches what they wish for. These “sisters” and witty and will never stop, because they were born for it. Their great responsibilities with the people on earth keep them alive. Besides, these twins are in labour and they signed for a contract with nature. Nature count on them. They are ME, and these are my Gemini twins.



“She is tired…but not for too long.”

Hope you enjoy this drawing and refreshes your day!


11 thoughts on “Twins in labour

  1. Qué belleza.

    Un besito Marjorie, hace tiempo que no pasaba por aquí y encuentro grandes cambios pero sobretodo el mismo estilo dulce de siempre que ¡claro! que refresca. ¡Felicitaciones por tus publicaciones!



  2. Paula, gracias por tus palabras!! abrazos.

    Faun, great to see you little fish, pisces? he he:P

    Anna, my friend, thanks to you. Take your time, you are in my thoughts. Much love too and huge hugs!

    Sonia, ^ ^. gracias! Un abrazo.

    Natalí que agradable y linda sorpresa verte por aquí, ya te extrañaba…..mucho cariño! Gracias por tu apoyo!!xox.

    Eric, you know, I also thought about it…it feels they are going to walk out of the page, hehe! Thank you!

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