Kokeshi’s color study

English below. UPDATED



Aquí les muestro un estudio/diseño y color para mi muñequita Kokeshi. Es una exhibición en colectiva de Kokeshis que se llevará a cabo en California, EU. Para mi ha sido un honor el haber sido invitada por Christina Conway, creadora de la exhibición y también fabulosa artista. ¿Quién puede resistirse a decir que no, si estas muñecas son adorablemente hermosas? Pulsar aquí para ver artistas invitados y algunos adelantos de las muñecas. Me queda poco tiempo, pues aún estoy haciendo entregas de ilustraciones para la editorial en la que estoy trabajando. Espero ya para la semana que viene comenzar a pintarla. ¡Espero les guste el diseño y colores! Aquí el Postcard de la exhibición.




The drawing above is a color-n-design/study I did before starting to paint my Kokeshi doll. I am honored to be invited to participate in this upcoming show in November. If you would like to take a look at “sneak peeks” and to see other fantastic artists that are participating click here. I am really running out of time since I have illustrations to send up to the house publisher I am working on. But, it’s that I couldn’t say no to be part of this beautiful show. Next week will definitely start painting my blank. Thanks again Christina Conway for inviting me! Her BLOG.



Opening Reception Saturday, November 3rd, 6–10pm, SUBTEXT 680 W. Beech St. No.1 San Diego CA.

In celebration of Bunka-no-hi – a Japanese national holiday promoting culture, the arts, and academic endeavor – Subtext and guest curator, Christina Conway, have carefully selected over 70 artists from 13 different countries to customize traditional Japanese Kokeshi dolls. The Kokeshi doll is a traditional folk art form of Japan, dating back to approximately 1830. Originally made by craftsmen during the winter months for sale to tourists, they have come to symbolize Japan to people around the world. Traditional Kokeshi dolls have distinctive characteristics connecting them to their specific region of origin. All traditional dolls are made of wood with a slender body, roundish head, hand painted features and no arms or legs.