Kiki and her little thumb

English below.



Les presento a Kiki, el personaje principal del cuento que estoy trabajando: “El dedito de Kiki”, y le acompaña su mamá. Luego doy más detalles del cuento, solo les adelanto que muchos niñ@s se van a relacionar con la situación de Kiki, una niñita de cinco años que le cuesta trabajo dejar de chuparse el dedo.

Que tengan una grandiosa semana, y no olviden dar el máximo, fijarte una meta diaria, es así como nos movemos de espacio, nuestra vida se mueve a otro nivel. Beso*


This is a sketch of Kiki and her mom (a children’s book I am working on). I bet many kids are going to relate with Kiki, since it’s so hard for her to stop taking out her little thumb of her mouth, which it tastes like a lollipop I guess! It’s an adorable & sweet story…

And don’t forget to challenge yourself to do new things everyday, do your best, because this is how we move to another level, and grow. Have a great week! Kiss and love*

P.S. The Kokehi dolls has moved to another great gallery. There were a selection of 30 pieces to participate at Nucleus/Art Gallery. Here is mine.


If you would like to buy a very special unique gift, they are for sale. The other kokeshi are at Munky King. Thanks for stopping by!

*Image originally uploaded by Christina Conway.


10 thoughts on “Kiki and her little thumb

  1. Muchas Gracias. Thanks very much to all!
    Eric- I am liking the line drawings, I would love to try something new…something refreshing…
    Joanna- that’s funny, I bet she looks very cute too!
    Eva- Bienvenida!

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