Sneaks: Fluffy and Picky

English below.

Aquí les muestro unos pedazos de ilustración de las escenas que estoy ilustrando. Una ovejita que observa el “Nacimiento” y una chiquilla que encontró la mejor calabaza de la escena de “Acción de Gracias“. Sigo trabajando y el tren sigue corriendo…”a todo tren” corren mis pasos en estos momentos. Espero disfruten de estos fragmentos. Wow…estoy MUY cansada…pero se que la gran satisfacción que recibiré cuando vea el producto final no tendrá precio.

Les deseo que pasen una buenísima semana. Si tienen frío, abrígense con un abrazo. o date uno, bríndate amor, o regala uno, todos necesitamos de uno. Cuando tengan hambre, háganse un buen sancocho de pollo con viandas. O mejor aún, ¡endulza tu paladar con un flan de calabaza! ¡Y compartan el amor !

Sneak preview from “Nativity” scene

Sneak preview from the “Thanksgiving” scene


Here I am showing two sneak previews of the scenes I am working on, for the Advent Calendar Box: the fluffy sheep that belongs to the “Nativity” scene and the cutie who picked the best pumpkin ever at the Fall Festival (sneak that belongs to the “Thanksgiving” scene. I am working as fast as I can, because once you start, you can’t stop (when deadlines are so tight). Gosh, I feel so tired….But what is going to comfort and satisfy me, is when I see the final product.

Wishing you all to have a nice and good week. If you are cold, hug yourself (give you some love) or hug someone (everyone need one), or if you become hungry make some pumpkin pie, or a chicken stew and share the love !


15 thoughts on “Sneaks: Fluffy and Picky

  1. It’s so great to see you posting again – I have missed you and your sweet illustrations. Glad to hear that you are busy. I know it can be tiring and overwhelming at times, but you will get through it and you do such beautiful work 🙂

  2. Eric: I am trying, he he, it’s like Susan says…it can be overwhelming and tiring, but I will get through it!

    Susan: I have missed you too! Thanks for the support and precious words! kiss*

  3. There are tears in my eyes to see you coming back with a BANG! – alive and kicking – stronger than ever!

    Take it easy and remember, the sky can only be clearer and more beautiful as you climb higher.

  4. Nick:Oh wow, thanks for the perfect words, you just put a smile on my face! I believe in what you said. Thanks for your support, kindness and patience. I will get back to you, remember. 🙂

    Brenda: Very nice to meet you! I will be seeing you.

  5. lovely charming illos majeak ann… and great to be back on your magical space!! :o) trust all is well, and hoping to be back, for more inspiration from you, thanx!! :o)

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