Phantom Phita & Phanty

English below.

“De su sueño salió Fita y es un fantasmita. Su amigo Fanty suspira amor por ella. Fita sólo observa y acaricia su Amor. Fita ha lanzado al Universo ese Amor. Y ambos están en la espera”.

*Nota aparte: De paso, aprovecho para someter esta ilustración en Illustration Friday para el tema de esta semana “Rutina” y les diré por qué. Todos nos levantamos, nos bañamos, trabajamos, comemos, pues es parte de nuestra rutina diaria. Sin embargo creo dar/expresar Amor (de alguna manera u otra) ya sea a nosotros mismos, al levantarnos en la mañana, cuando nos miramos al espejo, o expresar Amor a quién esté a tu lado, cantarles una canción, regalando una sonrisa, o una paleta de dulce, o una flor silvestre, o un abrazo, tener algún gesto de Amor debería ser parte de nuestra “Rutina”. Las expresiones de Amor no siempre son parte de nuestra rutina. Se siente bien. ¡Inténtalo, alimenta nuestra rutina y la rompe también!

“Give Love as part of your daily routine”.

© Majeak Ann 2008


“Phantom Phita came out from her Dream to found out that her little friend, Phanty has whispered Love for her. Phita observes and caress his Love. She has sent this Love to the Universe. They are both awaiting”.

*One side note: I haven’t participate in Illustration Friday in ages, and I do want to use this illustration for this week’s topic: “Routine”, and I will tell you why. Many of use wake up in the morning, look at ourselves, take a shower, eat, etc, it’s part of our daily routine. But, maybe not many of us are used to give Love to ourselves or someone as part of our Routine. Love someone, express yourself, have some kind of details, sing a song, give a smile, hug someone, give a lollipop, a wild flower, to the person near to you. You are going to feel it, it will take you out of track, your routine, and you will see many people smile.


26 thoughts on “Phantom Phita & Phanty

  1. Oh my goodness, cutest elephant EVER! I bet you didn’t know that I actually wanted to be an elephant when I was younger. My mom suggested I pull on my nose and ears each night to see if they would grow, and stupid me believed her for a few weeks. Sigh… maybe this is what happened to my face? ;p

    I love your sweet illustrations. I wish I had your talent!

  2. Eric: Thank you! 🙂 Actually it’s digital. Got inspired really, I don’t have a sketch from it, drew it directly into illustrator, and transfer it to photoshop…and you know the rest 🙂

    Christy: lol! wow…you are going to kill me. love you my friend. i wish I have you here to hug you! Thanks!

  3. Oh my stars, this is incredibly beautiful! The colors and shading are wondrous, and I just love that hershey’s kiss-like hat! I’m so glad you posted this for IF so that I could discover your amazing illustrations.

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