Illustration Friday: Clandestine

They said to each other:

“The Clandestine plan must be kept between the two of us”.

Oh, yes, they plan to have a clandestine kiss, to love each other .

Clandestine Love. Clandestine gifts. Clandestine thoughts.

Clandestine: Hidden; covert; stealthy; underhand.

P.S. This sketch was previously done for another Illustration Friday’s topic: Similar, but it also work for this week’s theme. Hope everyone is having Happy Holidays!

*The New Year 2009 is coming! In case I don’t update before, I am wishing you ALL to have an SPECTACULAR YEAR 2009! Full of blessings, magic, love, inner abundance, health and happiness. It’s my wish.

Will they…

…kiss? Will they hug?


I drew this sketch this morning before going out for work. I will be colorizing it for this Illustration Friday’s week topic: Similar. I need to make some time for it, to colorize another children’s book and to paint  “Mellow”. No more procrastination. Lot of things to do, while working on my personal project, hum, “my dream” (recharging my imagination with fantasy (oh, yeah, I have to) and with the company of my little creatures that sleep with me at night! to everyone!

Illustration Friday:Balloon


What a coincidence.Yesterday I posted a sneak of a dolly I designed in 2005, and this week’s IF topic is: Balloon. The image you are seeing above was also created for the same project I talked about yesterday (which by the way, was a very significant post for myself, so please, any feedback or comment will be truly appreciated.

I am also posting a very close sneak of illo  I did a couple months ago for DaySpring Greeting Card (remember..the Advent calendar box?) I can’t wait to see it!


Enjoy it! Have brilliant days!


…and LOVE yourself. IT’S ALL YOU NEED.

Doing research on my computer I found this watercolor I did I believe, three years ago or sort of. This cropped image was going to become part of a personal project: a Planner. And I asked myself: “What happened? Why you didn’t finish it?” Well, I had to put my dreams on hold and work on other things to pay the bills. But you know what? I am tired of putting aside my projects, the things that really makes me glow, because those are the things I was born to do. I am tired. Not anymore. How am I going to touch lives if I don’t paint, create for myself? or do things that moves me and make my days brighter? Live my life for many reasons. Living with a purpose.  I will be organizing myself, and write everything I want to do, again. I have had always everything all sketched, ideas, characters, etc, etc in my head. Believe me, I am all shake!!! From head to toe. I have stand firmly and strong, and looked at myself again.  I will keep creating from my soul. Some special people arrive to your life for different reasons, some open you eyes, and others makes you wonder. Love the friends that have always believe in me, that have been supporting me. Friends that  REALLY see through me and don’t judge me ask me Why you haven’t done anything  with all the talent and potential that you have?? What do you think is having a successful life? I believe everything, no matter how little, can become a success. People have different definitions of success. I am where I am suppose to be. I want more things to come, of course, but I am thankful. I want to keep friends in my Life that really BELIEVE in me since the beginning and never doubt it. Friends that really understand and know how this work and the process that we “artists” have to come through in order to become entirely successful and stable. All artists have to ride their personal journey, create their own story…and learn from it. That sometimes not everything come when you want to, not before. Important things come just right in time, when YOU know you are ready and NOT before. It’s a learning process. Growing from inside out, artistically, professionally, emotionally and physically. The future in uncertain, but you have the power and control to decide whatever you want and how would you like it to be  in the end. Because I choose. And you choose.

WOW. I had to take this all out. I don’t know…This is what I think, I am just sharing.This is not the beginning, because I have started. I am taking baby steps, I am starting to walk, it’s the truth. And I am sure, when I am done, I will be not the only one feeling happy and jumping! Thanks to YOU for reading, for always coming back. For understanding, for BELIEVING in ME. Love, always.

P.S. Click on BELIEVE , it’s a video I like. And I will also come back and translate this post.