Illustration Friday: Clandestine

They said to each other:

“The Clandestine plan must be kept between the two of us”.

Oh, yes, they plan to have a clandestine kiss, to love each other .

Clandestine Love. Clandestine gifts. Clandestine thoughts.

Clandestine: Hidden; covert; stealthy; underhand.

P.S. This sketch was previously done for another Illustration Friday’s topic: Similar, but it also work for this week’s theme. Hope everyone is having Happy Holidays!

*The New Year 2009 is coming! In case I don’t update before, I am wishing you ALL to have an SPECTACULAR YEAR 2009! Full of blessings, magic, love, inner abundance, health and happiness. It’s my wish.


18 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Clandestine

  1. hello !!!
    de las páginas de internet, esta es de las mas divertidas y geniales,que arte. te felicito todo me encanta. ojala pudiesemos contactar algún día. Desde Spain one kiss

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