Bubbly Play

I am starting to P-L-A-Y. To feel happy again. Yes, I have to say I have been down, disappointed and felt little sadness in my heart these past months. But, here I am standing up with chin up. Because I choose to be the author of my “movie”, and I am playing in it like a star. I am back. In control again, full of emotions, full of life and magic. My dear friends, it’s been a while, and I will do the best I can this year to post at least once a week. Have a lovely week!

P.S. The dolly was a gift from a friend. I didn’t make it! But I love it!

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10 thoughts on “Bubbly Play

  1. It appears the “movie” you are starring in is a comedy and a hilarious one at that. Lovely movie star pics. And you know what they say about all work and no play – so glad you’re able to get some play time!

  2. So happy to hear from you !
    That’s the problem with RSS feeds… you get used to get information at home without doing anything… and you forget to check and see by yourself.
    Welcome back to real life, and I hope for you that this 2009 year will be the best year ever !

  3. Play is good! These photos have wonderfully captured your joy.
    It sounds like you have a really good attitude for facing this year. I wish you a creative year filled with tons of fun!! 🙂

  4. You still have your online friends to support you my dear friend. 🙂 This is my first time to visit your blog today. Nice artwork you have. Talented!!!

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