Find the Love in…

Ah…this little bird never learn. Does same thing over and over again.

There is something I have learned through time: “Doing the same thing over again and expect to have different results from it, it’s called “craziness”. Sometimes we do same things, and sometimes we are afraid to move from our ‘comfort zone’ and do things that somehow make us feel “uncomfortable”. Daily routine is good and healthy, but I am talking about the great things we could do for ourselves to make us better persons, that makes us feel alive,  that really move us and makes us see LIFE in a different view, different perspective. Things that really matter and “Feed our souls”. Fight for the things we love, our dreams, that we better keep walking and enjoying the journey while we get there. That’s the point. And when we never expect, we are already there!! Have you seen or read the novel “Way of the Peaceful warrior”? Living the NOW. It’s a great movie. I want to read the novel soon A friend of mine mailed it to me as a gift! A brilliant novel so far! It’s refreshing. It remind us what is really important in our lives.

And about the illustrations, could you tell me which one you like more, with or without dots in the background? Thanks for the feedback! See you soon with another adorable sketch.

Let’s find the LOVE in what we do!

© 2008. Majeak Ann. Marjorie Ann

9 thoughts on “Find the Love in…

  1. what a thoughtful post! thanks for sharing the “peaceful warrior” link. i had not heard of that movie/novel, though the title sounds famiiar.

    i like both of the illustrations but i think i’m leaning towards the one with the polka dots. could be that i just like that background colour better though.

  2. AMY: Thanks very much! If this makes you feel happy, I am happy too! Thanks for the feedback.

    CATHY: Nice to meet you! Loving your work too! The novel it’s not quite new, but it’s GREAT! I am getting it hopefully soon. Hope you like it when see it. Thanks also for the feedback 🙂

  3. Se ven mejor con el fondo. De ese modo los personajes no se quedan “flotando” en la nada. Buen trabajo como siempre.

  4. Love your work so very much . . . it makes me happy everytime I take a peek. Thank you for sharing! Also, love the polka dots as a background! 🙂

  5. Marjorie! I missed you and your works! what happened before? Glad that you’re back again and really really want to see your works again – I love whatever you do, especially your watercolour works. Please come back and continue to fill our lives with your majeak-ness again ok?

    Hugsss!!!! and lots of love!

    Oh yes, both illos are so sweet but as a print (if that’s your plan) I’ll go for the one with dotted background 😀

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