It’s a cute Beast…

…named Mellow“. I am turning this cute “beast” into a customized doll. Mellow will be my canvas to create a whimsy character. It’s a work in progress to be start soon. Thanks to Nick for his infinite patience and for the great opportunity to let thisMellow” be part of his collection.

I will be back soon with (some, but not all) NEW adorable sketches for my line card collection that I am working on! Thanks for coming back! to you.


4 thoughts on “It’s a cute Beast…

  1. Hello Nick! Soon, soon! Gosh, so many things. This week I will be “sort of free” to finally start! 🙂

    Georgina, es material blando-duro-suave, como goma? liviano, el muñeco está fabricado. Puedes ver la colección de Nick arriba. Hacen maravillas con el. Gracias!

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