Open the door

What are you waiting for? Just open it! We all know that when a door is closed, a window will be open for you. But hey! you just got to open the door first, and keep your eyes open!!This is a cute sketch I did while I was on my lunch break. I have been working on different designs for different things. Putting my HEART in everything I do. That’s the trick!

By the way, last week I went to see the movie Coraline, and really, it literally “unbuttoned my eyes”. This is my freaky ‘buttoned eye’ picture of me.

I am a girl who loves rag dolls, and I do own one designed by me and made by Jennifer Murphy in year 2002, but after seeing this movie? I better cast a spell on mine.

© 2002 Doll designed by Marjorie Ann

*The painting on the back was an acrylic illustration I did for my Post-Bac graduation.

Jennifer creates beautiful whimsical cute characters, love that woman, but I even love more Kindra, (her sister), because she introduced me her at that time. She does animal characters with retro-vintage feel, but I was more than thankful when she made an exception for me and made it for my exhibition. So, this dolly, it’s my treasure (and it is also part of MY DREAM project). My dream…a baby that was crawling and now it is starting to walk.


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