Just noses

My nose while taking a SUN bath yesterday (very brilliant day by the way). This is a completely random silly post. Looking at the cloud I noticed it drew a face itself, so I elongated its nose. Do you see it?

Kitty nose, from Coraline CD (Unabridged) written and performed by Neil Gaiman. Bought it, I believe in year 2002? Found it the other day.

And it “meow” me!

My nose again.

Let’s sneak for little birds in a Honey-noon-sun.

This doodle was post it on my old blog. And for those who never got to visit my old blog when it was o.k. (majeakann.com) I have to announce it doesn’t exist anymore it-is-DEAD. If you browse for majeakann.com it will show a webpage that is entirely NOT mine. It is not mydomain anymore. Someone took it and took advantage of  the name (I got really mad) . But I am fine and not worry because in the near future (hopefully this year) I will be able to have a new domain (like .net, or else). I will be all letting you know when is up. Have a very positive week ahead! +


9 thoughts on “Just noses

  1. I adore your art and I adore the nose cloud! Thank you for sharing your little part of the world as well as your thoughts. I’ve been trying to follow the same path you seem to be on – sending out only goodness. I wish you much love and success.

  2. Khurram: Hello! Nice to see you back! Blessings.

    Louisa: Thanks so much! Sending you same wishes back. Nice to meet you. Beautiful ILLUSTRATIONS that you do!

    Sara: Thanks, I am glad! 🙂

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