I like to doodle. Mini doodles (mostly cute dolls), coming right out of my mind.They are fresh and spontaneous, that is what I like from it. No much thinking. In any random paper, with or without lines. Just Anywhere. What can I do? If this is something I love.

Here I just printed my “Dragonfly” illustration and is flying all the way to Australia pretty soon. It will be a sweet gift for this special lady I just met because of the dragonfly. I like it. It turned out brilliant and nice.


5 thoughts on “Do-doodle

  1. oh i love the doodle! yes, i totally agree with sketching and doodlling being spontaneous and i would say, it’s a form of expression without any filtering.

    And i love the dragonfly illo too!

    I’m so happy you like the Goth painting 🙂 it’s done on plywood, with acrylic and a little pastel here and there and i let certain parts to show trough so you can still see a bit of pencil marks. I have not put any thoughts in getting it printed actually…

    oh! i saw the photo you took of the clouds! it’s so brilliant! yeah, i can see the face…perhaps it’s a ‘he’, an Englishman! 😀

    Have a beautiful week ahead! Hugss!!!!!

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