Possible, yes…

She opened that door, because she knew there were tons of possibilities waiting for her. The dog knew. She knew. That everything was possible. On March 13,  when I first showed this sketch, she was going to open the door. So she did. Would you like to know what she has found inside? Stay tuned…

For Illustration Friday‘s week theme: Impossibility.

This is a drawing I did a couple days ago on a paper covered table from Macaroni & Grill.

I left my mark there, I always do. But I wonder, if they ever keep my drawings? What would you do? O_o

Have a sweet week my friends!


12 thoughts on “Impossible?

  1. thedoodlegirl: Who knows if someone keep them 🙂 thank you!

    Joanna: Thanks! You will and welcome!

    Babypunk: Hello!!!

    Kathyhare: You have fantastic work! Thanks to you.

    Kylie: I am glad 🙂

  2. Your illustrations are adorable! I can’t wait to see what she finds behind the door…

    Also, that is probably the best drawing the Macaroni Grill has seen! 🙂

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