Prepare to feed your soul.

Hello friends!  I am working on a illustration assignment, and I will be absent until middle-end of June (HECTIC DAYS!!). Some of the good news is that I have been invited by Jen Wallace from Indie Fixx to participate on a beautiful free art project: Feed Your Soul.

Meanwhile here are sneak picks of my contribution. I will be letting you know when is available for free download. More good things here.


Little birdie says:

Pick fruit“Pick one majeakal fruit…”

Eat-majeak“Feed your soul while you enjoy the juicy sweetness…”

More good things to come. Since many of you know, I started blogging on 2005. But, on June, this blog will be celebrating its 3rd Aniversary.  I want to thank YOU for visiting this blog, for being so kind, for always coming back, I will do a raffle! Stay tuned…