Today and Tomorrow

English below.

Queridos Amig@s, esta noche anunciaré los ganadores del Sorteo Frutoso. Ya tengo nombres anotados y una manita dulce y pequeña sacará los nombres esta noche (esta noche no, sino el 27 de Junio, porque quiero segurarme la lista de “viejos” amigos de mi antiguo blog participen.) No estoy segura si les llegó la notificación (NotifyList team, como que ya no me agrada). Recuerden les dejaré saber a través de email. Si hay amigos que aún desean participar, aún tienen tiempo, hasta mañana. Saludos a tod@s!


Dear friends, tonight I will be announcing the winners of the Fruity Raffle (not tonight but the 27th, because I want to be sure my old friends list from the older blog (2005) received the notification via email). I believe they didn’t, my apologies, I guess NotifyList is not working like it used to). I am just waiting for a sweet little hand to help me to pick up the names randomly.The winners will be know through an email and this post  will be updated. If someone is interested to participate in the Raffle, you still have time until tomorrow. Greetings to all!


4 thoughts on “Today and Tomorrow

  1. hi sweet m!!
    i just saw your tweet : hope its not too late to enter..but even if so – sending a lovely HELLO your way!!!! hope all is well.. just ate pudding cake + drumstick ice cream for dinner 🙂 belly ache.

  2. What? Yum! pudding cake and drumstick ice cream??? I am melting here…
    Yes, my lovely Faun, you are in. I am announcing my LAST tweet. x.o.!! And

    *I am closing soon*
    –CLOSED–>THANK YOU for participating and for the wishes!

  3. Oh no I missed it. I have been away for two weeks. Very good to hear from you, though. It’s been too long. Your work is as beautiful as ever.


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