Mirror, mirror what do “I” see

English below.

© Please, Do not copy.

Sí, esa es la verdadera belleza, la interna. Mírate al espejo y date cuenta de tu belleza, de tu existencia, la de tu alma, esa es la que hará que brilles de adentro, hacia afuera. La belleza existe en todo nuestro alrededor, no existe definición de belleza. Comparte tu belleza.

© Please, Do not copy.

Estos son unos dibujos que hice para la casa editora en la que estoy trabajando en estos momentos. Ando con mucho trabajo, eso es bueno! Tengo pendiente al  adorable monstruo “Mellow” para Nick. Agradecida como siempre, dejando que todo fluya…


Look at yourself in the mirror and find your inner beauty, it is the real beauty, that unique shine that comes from within, when you are aware of your existence, and confidence of your soul. It can be seen through your eyes, let it come out, and let it shine like never before. There is no definition for “beauty” as it is everywhere. Be aware of your existence, and do not fear to show it to the Universe. Share it with this world.

The illustrations above are for the House Publisher I am working now. The adorable “Mellow” monster for Nick is on pending, and already making time to finish it. I am having a lot of work, which is great, thankful as always, letting it flow….

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