Between Gardens

English below.

Hola! Hace tiempo que les había dicho que mi copia de “The Garden of Eye Candy” había llegado. Y poco tiempo después de fui al Jardín Botánico de Río Piedras a tomarme unas fotos con el libro. El sol tibio de las 5:00pm, y el sonido de los árboles, el viento y la fauna fueron mis cómplices y compañía. Aquí les comparto algo. Uh-la-láa! Gracias a Juan y al equipo de Bigbrosworkshop.

Por el otro lado, les dejo saber que he estado MUY muy muy ocupada, pero recordando que hay que vivir el momento. Y admito extraño actualizar mi blog y visitar mis compañeros de la “blogosfera”. Gracias por visitar, les envío buena vibra. Y que disfruten de “los DOS jardines!”

Acercamiento de una página:

Un poco del Jardín:


Hello friends! Do you remember I told you about the book “The Garden of Eye Candy”? Well, I received my copy while ago, but didn’t get the chance before to let you know. It’s  a marvelous book, you will not regret if you buy it. Thanks to Juan and the team of Bigbrosworkshop for the invitation, it was a honor for me to contribute with illustrations.

On the other side, I have been very very very busy (as you can tell!). But still alive and living, the moment. Thanks for stopping by! Sending good vibes and enjoy the Two Gardens! Missing blogging more often…really. Please, take care.

*The beautiful green passages above are from the Jardín Botánico de Río Piedras .


11 thoughts on “Between Gardens

  1. Hello!
    Sorry because I sent an email to you with the name of Irisz Agócs and resubmit again with your name.
    Now I see these images of this book and I am with my mouth open … : p
    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!
    This book is in Brazil?
    Because I think this is a special book and will be great to use it to tell stories.

    A hug and everything nice,


  2. Hello Adriana!

    Yes, I read your email, but thank you for your message!
    You can buy this book through internet I left some links were you can buy it (i.e.

    Thanks for your time and kindness!


  3. Hi Majorie!
    I really love your artwork! I bought the book yesterday and saw your work and it’s so beautiful! I was just wondering what you used for the treehouse illustration. I can’t tell if its watercolour or copic markers but it’s just beautiful and I’d like to experiment with what you used. I feel so inspired!

  4. Oh hi Lison! It’s an honor for me to meet through here. Thanks for your kind words, I am glad you like the book. So you found out, hehe, watercolor it is!

    Any tips? Just play around with colors, let the water play and importat role, the spontaneous movement of color and water will surprise you! It is a magical experience. 🙂
    Brands? Winsor and Newton!
    And use a very nice and natural brush. I find #8 sable very flexible.

    Love for you dear!
    Keep inspired!

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