Little Yoga

English below.

Oh, seguro que sí. Desde hace tiempo quiero hacer Yoga y/o Tai Chi. Me apoyará mucho a liberar mi estrés, flexibilizar, desintoxicar y armonizar mente, cuerpo y espíritu…seguro que sí. Ya por lo menos he visitado tres centros y ya me decidí!!! Me organizaré para comenzarlos en Diciembre. Pero entonces, también quiero otra cosa: tomar clases de baile!! que si tango, salsa, danza moderna o “belly dancing”. ¿Pero que pasa? Debo tomar una cosa a la vez. Y esto viene, pero por el momento siento debe esperar, pues quiero arrancar con lo que ya empecé. Lo que viene tiene que ver con Australia, Bienvenida a mi vida! Sí…está en proceso.

Mientras, los dejo con esta menina. Que tengan una semana brillante!

P.D. Mira! Tiene piernitas de “espaguetis” ideal para el tema de “Illustration Friday” de esta semana: “Skinny”.

Sketch/Color ©2009 Majeak Ann. Marjorie Ann. Please, do NOT copy.



Wanting lately to practice either Yoga, Tai Chi or Dancing. I know, I know, (hehe!), I want to do so many things!! But one thing at a time. The good thing is that I just found a great space to do all that, but they don’t teach dancing (not for the moment). I really love to danca salsa, modern dance, tango, but also want to experiment with “belly dancing”. I am looking for the right place for it. I really hope to start at least doing Yoga or Tai Chi soon. I believe this will help me to harmonize mind, body and soul.

On the other side I am still working in a educational project and also drawing many new other things that has nothing to do with children illustration, it more like a personal thing (I will post it here, later). I find it very interesting, I feel like I am discovering new things about myself, that were hidden deep inside of me. My dream is going to become true is on its way, I am feeling it! Like I mentioned in other post, things arrive just right in time, and it will be perfect. Everything has its own reason. Meanwhile I am welcoming Australia! And I will leave you with this little “menina”. Have you all a brilliant week!

P.S. Oh, she has “spaguetti legs”! so I guess she can fit for this week’s theme for Illustration Friday: “Skinny”!!