Little Yoga

English below.

Oh, seguro que sí. Desde hace tiempo quiero hacer Yoga y/o Tai Chi. Me apoyará mucho a liberar mi estrés, flexibilizar, desintoxicar y armonizar mente, cuerpo y espíritu…seguro que sí. Ya por lo menos he visitado tres centros y ya me decidí!!! Me organizaré para comenzarlos en Diciembre. Pero entonces, también quiero otra cosa: tomar clases de baile!! que si tango, salsa, danza moderna o “belly dancing”. ¿Pero que pasa? Debo tomar una cosa a la vez. Y esto viene, pero por el momento siento debe esperar, pues quiero arrancar con lo que ya empecé. Lo que viene tiene que ver con Australia, Bienvenida a mi vida! Sí…está en proceso.

Mientras, los dejo con esta menina. Que tengan una semana brillante!

P.D. Mira! Tiene piernitas de “espaguetis” ideal para el tema de “Illustration Friday” de esta semana: “Skinny”.

Sketch/Color ©2009 Majeak Ann. Marjorie Ann. Please, do NOT copy.



Wanting lately to practice either Yoga, Tai Chi or Dancing. I know, I know, (hehe!), I want to do so many things!! But one thing at a time. The good thing is that I just found a great space to do all that, but they don’t teach dancing (not for the moment). I really love to danca salsa, modern dance, tango, but also want to experiment with “belly dancing”. I am looking for the right place for it. I really hope to start at least doing Yoga or Tai Chi soon. I believe this will help me to harmonize mind, body and soul.

On the other side I am still working in a educational project and also drawing many new other things that has nothing to do with children illustration, it more like a personal thing (I will post it here, later). I find it very interesting, I feel like I am discovering new things about myself, that were hidden deep inside of me. My dream is going to become true is on its way, I am feeling it! Like I mentioned in other post, things arrive just right in time, and it will be perfect. Everything has its own reason. Meanwhile I am welcoming Australia! And I will leave you with this little “menina”. Have you all a brilliant week!

P.S. Oh, she has “spaguetti legs”! so I guess she can fit for this week’s theme for Illustration Friday: “Skinny”!!


11 thoughts on “Little Yoga

  1. Hi, I’ve been reading your blogs for quite some time and I really like your work. Once I learned Spanish and it helps me to restore my knowledge.
    I wanted to tell you, it’so interesting, that this fall I am visiting yoga classes and belly dancing. I like them both so much, so I wanted to say: go for it, you won’t be dissapointed. They are really good for mind, soul and body.
    And keep on with everything you do, I love your draggonflies and giraffes.

  2. I found your blog by coincidence, when searhing pictures from dragonflies. I come from a very small country, called Slovenia. Kačja pastirica in our language means female dragonfly 🙂

  3. hola majeakann

    tu no paras nunca !!! yo he perdido un montón de cosas de tu blog !!! soy tonta pero me encanta lo que veo ,y ya tengo tu link actualizado (aleluya) así que no te me vas a perder otra vez un gran muak de comic

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