First Kiss

English below.

Sketch/line/idea. ©Majeak Ann 2009

Recuerdas tu primer beso? Ahora, pregunto: Lo recuerdas porque te encantó o viceversa, o porque te sorprendieron cuando pasó, o porque tus sentidos estaban alertas, o porque lo tuviste en el mejor momento, o porque te robaron el beso (como me pasó a , jaja!), o porque estabas bien presente, o porque realmente estabas bien enamorad@? Sólo comparte…me encantaría leer tu experiencia!

Ah….los besos, tan ricos que son.


Do you remember your first kiss? I know you do: was it because you loved it or all the way around, or because you got caught, or because all your senses went “on”, or because you had it at this perfect time, or because someone stole it from you (and that happened to me, hehehe!), was it because you were living the moment, or was it because you were “in love“? Just share, I would love to read you! Ah…how much I love kisses.

*More adorable picture of kids kissing here + here.


4 thoughts on “First Kiss

  1. My first kiss was awful, I didn’t like it. In fact, I was afraid of kissing for quite some time. I guess I was expecting way too much from a kiss, but nowadays I like kisses more than anything else. I have a great kisser at home. The best kisses for me are the stolen ones, definitely.
    You’ve captured so good the girl, like she is surprised but at the same time she is enyoing it so much.

  2. Thanks Anna, much Love for you!! :)) x.o.!!!

    Kacja, I know what you mean, I am glad you have a great kisser at home! hahaha. I still remember mine, definitely, the stole one, is one to remember, the good thing is that I really liked the guy who kissed me, I had no problem with it! :)). Thanks for the feedback, ‘that’ girl is like me! x.o.

  3. Héhé ^^ Hello you’ve been quoted by Brandi Milne :
    “And Majeak Ann kills me! She has so many books!”
    Oh yeah the first kiss….this one is so cute !!

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