Majeak Ann Lil’ Jewels

English below.

Side Note: “Nature and Love cannot be hid”. (German Proverb). And this is one of the reasons I created this. For me, for you and for Illustration Friday. Enjoy!

¡Hola amigos/as! Espero se encuentren todos bien. En esta larga ausencia he estado organizando mis proyectos y atendiendo los que tenía en lista para completar. Al fin estoy completando un cuento infantil, para luego pintar un muñeco (para Nick). En el interín comencé a crear la colección de “Majikas Joyitas “Majeak Ann Lil’Jewels”. Pueden ver fotos en el album de Facebook (Majeak Ann Illustration). Mientras aquí les muestro los logos y par de fotos de la colección. El primer logo es de Majeak Ann, y el segundo de la Colección I (prendas). ¡Pronto habrá una actualización del blog! Gracias por visitar este blog, a pesar de tenerlo apagado. ¡Pero sí! sigo creando. Más sorpresas por mostrar. Los invito a que se enlisten en el “Fan Page” de “Majeak Ann Illustration” de Facebook Lo actualizo más a menudo al igual que TWITTER. Interesados en adquirir una prenda, envíame un email a: MAJEAK.ANN@GMAIL.COM y para cualquier duda. Esto será una EDICION LIMITADA. ¡Algo más se está cocinando!¡Majikas Bendiciones! *_*


Hello dear friends. I hope this blog update finds you GREAT! It has been a looong absence I know. Lots of things going on. Finishing a children’s book, lot of work, lots of personal things, lots of doodles, lots of life, lots of tiny cute things running around my head, and probably soon tiny PRINTS! Can’t wait to complete the book, to continue with custom works (such as Mellow for Nick). I know, I have said this before. Life has been interesting and quite challenging, not easy for me, he-he, for no one. I have been through difficult (but very) difficult times. Processing my present, learning from proofs and experiences. Becoming stronger, and while getting there being also more creative: YES!! During my absence I started a collection, a cute special edition, a jewelry Collecion I: Majeak Ann Lil’Jewels. You can have access to the album by clicking HERE. Please, I invite you to become a Fan at the page at Facebook: Majeak Ann Illustration, since I update it more often as well as TWITTER. I will be more compromise with my blog, soon a new actualization of it. Also soon I will be sending all packages by mail from special people (they know who they are). If you have questions about the collection (materials, durability, etc) or just interested on a Necklace or Bracelet EMAIL me at: MAJEAK.ANN@GMAIL.COM. This will be a LIMITED EDITION. Something else is coming along. *_*

Pretty cute packaging made with Magik + Love.

Each purchase comes with an original tiny majeak dolly-doodle. *Please read info of the Album here.*

Wear One. Wear Two. And remember who you really ARE.


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