Cute in Wood

Hello! Note: Today I have decided to write all of my posts in English. I believe it is an Universal language. This idea will help me to post often. c:

Here I am sharing the exploration of creating cute pieces of jewelry. For instance I think little canvas made of wood (I call them “chiclets“) does it for me. First I painted them with my thin watercolor brush, then I bought some extra fine micros (waterproof archival ink) and started to draw on little woods (1” or less).  I think they will look adorable for young girls, women, moms… As soon as I finished the whole process I will post them. They will be limited edition, all unique, with leather cords (perhaps in nude, pink, red and caramel cords). Click here to see more of the jewelry I have been making. Do you like the idea of wearing them as bracelets? Please share your thoughts. Enjoy!

 With archival inks.

I am using cotton cord. I will use leather cord instead.

With a swarovski crystal. For a special friend.


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