Majeak Woo*klets

Who doesn’t like candies? But these in specific are not, but very tiny white woods instead. I am painting for bracelets! I called them “Majeak Woo*klets bracelets Collection“. I am waiting for more wood-beads to come, and they will become available. Please stay tuned, since I will be also opening a “Sweet Majeak Ann Shop” on Etsy and probably on BigCartel. Here I am sharing a little bit of the process. Have a Great Sunday!

Hand Painted without glaze.

With glaze.


Tiny. Less than 1¢ size. .

So Much fun. So cute. Enjoy!

All signed on back © Majeak Ann 2012. All Rights Reserved.

3 thoughts on “Majeak Woo*klets

  1. Saludos Marjorie se David Santiago Torres de DDA Group,inc en Santurce, entro aqui a tu mundo y sigo viendo bellezas que salen de tu imaginación, te vuelvo a felicitar!!!!

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