Doodling with a Leaf ♥

Hello dear friends, I am back again! I have decided to start posting either during the morning or late at night. I will do my best to post at least 3 times a week. I haven’t drink my coffee yet, but I can smell it. Usually, a glass of water and coffee are the first things I drink in the morning. For my Facebook follower fan page, I will also let you know whenever I post here. c:

I am in the process of creating new pieces of art work: new watercolors. This week I have to finish a lovely watercolor painting I shared with you here.  Some of the new pieces I am in the process of painting (right now I am in the doodle phase process) are going to be tiny paintings (you know I love all things tiny and cute!).

Nature always has been an inspiration for me. Last Sunday at was at the Zendo (Zen Center of Puerto Rico) and while I was enjoying the breeze of the mountain, the sounds of the birds ( I was feeling sort of sad and a little melancholic), I saw this tiny leaf with the shape of heart.

She (the Leaf) was flying and blinking in front of me, when none of the rest of the leaf on the floor, were moving. The rest of the leaves were stand still. I looked very close  to the leaf, I stood up, start walking and quickly saw this second red leaf that somehow “talked to me” telling me  to pick her up.

So, I start playing with both leaves, amazed by its simple beauty and took some pictures….

Yes, I was Inspired. Here are some of the pictures and the little doodles I started to draw.

And this is a Really Old doodle I always keep with me, so you can have a preview of the little watercolors I will be working on promptly. Enjoy!


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