Wooklets + soups

I keep drawing and painting little pretty bambinas. Either on paper or little canvas made of  wood.  On posts earlier, I mentioned I was in the process of creating some jewelry  for sale, and I come up with the “Wooklets” (wood + bracelets). They are available at My Shop.

This one is for a little girl (6.5″). SOLD.

And this cute one for women Available (s-m: 7″). These are both available, plus 1 more at My Etsy Shop. I am also open for special requests: custom wooklets“. Tell me your favorite pet (cat, bird, fish, dog) or the descriptions of your daughter (red hair, blond, dark hair) or for you!

For those who has been reading my blog since 2005, you all know I am a soup lover. The other day I decided to try and cook my First Vegetable Soup with No Meat (no chicken, no shrimps, no ham) Just vegetables. Ah….so…here is a not-so-good-beautiful pic of my soup (looks a little like an old pic) but, this vegetable soup lasted until today! Yes…it was very yummy.


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