Kites & Skies,and a Caribbean breeze…

How much I adore Kites. By just remembering it, It makes me travel back to my childhood. My dad taught me to fly kites. I remember the ones he bought us when we were little (for me and my sisters). All handmade paper kites: light and colorful, with wood sticks. Continuing with the series of my Puerto Rican theme line (that will be working on, as soon as I finish with a project I am involved – which I can’t tell yet!- but I am sure you are going to LOVE. I am sharing with you another typical vignette of my island: Children’s flying Kites (“Chiringas“) at El Morro (San Juan).

The sketch is kind of blurry, but you will appreciate more the details once is colored.

chiringa sketch by majeak ann

I wanted also to introduce along with this special theme, and adorn this post with the beautiful photography of Charlene Precious. Very whimsical, like a Dream. vintage inspired photography. She has a shop: Click Here to see all the Beauty on her photography. I love what she wrote on the pic:

“True courage is like a Kite; a contrary wind raises it higher”.

kite by charlene precious


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