A Little Sea Love

Listen to your body because it always tells you what to do. Every time my body  feels tense, with low energy, drained, blocked or under stress, it is telling me that it is time to Stop, take a break, take a deep breath and visit Nature. Breathing. Walking. Meditating. Feeling. Needed to treat myself good. Remember always to Give yourself a little love that you know you deserve. make some time apart. And enjoy every little thing that surrounds you. This time, I decided to visit the Sea.

mar by majeak ann

We (I went with my boyfriend) got there, placed a blanket on the grass (the sand and sea were close by). Looked at this sky and found this beauty:

sky by majeakann

Even the Moon was there.

la luna by majeakann

Started breathing deeply while listening to the sound of the waves and birds… Then I stood up and took a walk…

blush sand by majeakann

Watch the sea for a little while,  it was way Alive… And Went in…

marjorie y el mar by majeakann

So this is my Tribute for that day.

collage sea sky by majeakann

And of course, I can’t leave this post without adding something cute for you to enjoy. The little cutie you see as prints, it’s “Chinañekita“. It will be added to my Shop soon (made to order).

elie chinanekita by majeakann

Here is the original version: (Thanks for stopping by my blog!)

chinanekita by majeak ann copyrighted2


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