It’s My Birthday!

Today is my Birthday. Oh my… I feel blessed to be alive and to have so many lovely friends, many people that I love walking my path with me. I feel really grateful for my family and their love. Grateful because my Divine Force is with me, protecting me and taking care of me. I have so much to Give still, so grateful for the strenght to continue living Life and learning all the lessons.

I am celebrating my birthday, but next week I will be honoring it with another GIVEWAY. Click Here for the News on Facebook! But this time, I believe people will have to leave a comment on my Blog to participate. And I will have the honor to meet You. c:

Enjoy the doodles!

Hoy cumplo años y me siento muy bendecida por tener mi familia que tanto amo (algunos cerquita, otros lejos), mi familia extendida (mis amigos), por estar Viva, agradecida de mi Divino Poder por darme las fuerzas para seguir y las bendición de poder compartir un poco de mí con ustedes.

¡Es Mi Cumpleaños! ¡Lista para darle otra vuelta al SOL! [Me siento como “Superman” como cuando se recarga con el Sol. 

BD by majeakann2013 sungiveit

This is another doodle I drew…Superman boy doodle! I just love Superman. Blessings to all. Thank you for visiting!

superman boy by majeak ann3

superman boy by majeak ann color


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