Moving to a New BLOG: UPDATE: I am staying here for a little more.

Hello Friends!
Just a quick lovely note to let you know that from now on I will blog mostly from TUMBLR :  but will keep writing here for a little longer. —>UPDATE: Because nothing is permanent, honoring the right to change. I have changed my mind, first because I need to keep writing and second because I don’t see why I should stop blogging, even if people read, come, comment or not. This is something that really matters to me. I will keep writing in this Blog and posting but posting more often with announcements at TUMBLR. In other words, you can follow me in both. Besides, I am developing my New Fresh Website ( construction).  And also I am working on some new things including redesigning and coming up with New products I am sure you are going to love. I will probably start blogging through Typepad. But I will be all let you know. It’s just more simple and faster. Meanwhile, this account will remain open, and will be probably be used for my new Domain page for my future website under construction. Meanwhile, please follow me via http://MAJEAKANN.TUMBLR.COM. There will share New Ideas, New sketches, My favorite songs (videos), Stuff I like,  but mostly the process of my illustrations will be held there. It’s a fresh new Start! Add me to your Bloglovin’ too.  I love it. Please Repost, share the word, spread the Love! + Be Happy. Peace.
Image credit: Yvette Inufio

pink luggage

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