Piu bella bambina! (Bambina Collection)

Piú bella bambinas…from My Bambina Collection (in progress).  It’s a theme line I have been developing since 2007. I admit I love little, cute characters. When little, I remember I got a tiny puppet finger, cute dolly I used to love, and I wish I could have it right now, to show you. My “Bambinas” has been constantly evolving. Bambina means “baby girl or child”. And that’s how I call them. These cute little almost tiny children will turn into or will being transferred into lovely products. Not yet, but they Will. Just sharing with you. I hope you love them as much as I do. 

This one in specific I’m thinking on turning it into a pillow and / or cards. Any more ideas that come to your mind?

This is a Recent one (A sneak peek!):

bambina series by majeak ann copyrightedA little close – up (With a Red nose!):
heart balloon rednose by majeak ann

Drawings, cartoons, little figures (such as dolls, little sculptures for decorations), movies, scents and even food, bring me memories of my childhood. I would love to read what things brings you memories of your childhood. Please share, I would like to know.

And these sandwiches? My Mom did. Definitely took me back to the 80’s.  

color sandwiches i love by majeakann

Feliz 2013 ♥

Happy New Year 2013! Count the blessings of 2012, and give a Big Welcome to the new Blessings to come! And be Grateful.

¡Feliz Nuevo Año 2013! Cuenta las bendiciones que te regaló el 2012, y prepárate para recibir las que te traerá el 2013. Sé Agradecido / a.

collage blessings 2012

It’s a Honeynoon Moon

You know I have a thing for tiny-cute things. This is one of the mini doodles I am painting. I am working on several personal projects at the same time. But you know I am here. •.•

“A Honeynoon Moon” [watercolor in the process].

Ya saben que me encantan las cositas “cute” + mini. Esta es una de las acuarelitas que estoy pintando. Ando laborando varios proyectos a la vez. Pero sigo por aquí cerquita . 

Cute but Crooked hat

English below.

No sabía si utilizar esta ilustración reciente para el tema de esta semana de Illustration Friday: “Crooked”, creo le va. Esta “bambinita” cuando decide hacer sus paseos, la acompañan sus mini amigos y su sombrero especial, sí, algo torcidito. Hace tiempo que no participo en IF. Desde que rediseñaron la página no había participado. 


Aquí la imagen de cuando la estaba pintando.


I have decided to post this tiny illustration for this week’s Illustration Friday theme: “Crooked”. She goes for walks with these two tiny friends along with her favorite cute but crooked hat. It’s been a while since my last participation for IF. I remember I did it, before it was redesign. Enjoy! 

Two more and a Sweet

English below. 

¡Hola! En publicacions anteriores les había contado que ando trabajando con unos mini bocetos (mini doodles). Poco a poco crece la serie de mini dibujos a convertirse en pinturas mini y otras grandes (medio acuarela y otros en acrílico). Será una colección que espero sea infinita. Aquí comparto nuevos dibujillos a lapiz.  

Esta foto es de uno de mis “cupcakes” favoritos ‘Red Velvet‘  relleno con crema “bavaria”. Mi novio me lo regaló, ¡Sí! le tuve que tomar una foto, son tan lindos! Rico, rico…se los recomiendo si aún no los han probado.

Bueno, mañana llega un Temporal a mi isla. Ah! Ya estamos acostumbrados. Pronto vengo con más del proceso artístico. Recuerden visitar mi tienda en Etsy y compartirla con sus amigos / familiares. También puedes seguirme en Pinterest! ¡Gracias!


Hello friends! On earlier posts I mentioned that I’ve been working on mini doodles. Little by little the series of mini doodles is growing and will turned into mini paintings (some of them bigger size). I will be using watercolor and acrylics as a medium for them. I just hope this collection of paintings be infinite. •.• Here is another doodle (above).I had to take a picture of one of my favorite cupcakes “Red Velvet” filled with bavarian cream (above). It was a gift from my boyfriend…Yes… I had to, cupcakes are so pretty and yummy! Try it, it’s really good (if you haven’t). I’ll be back with more of the artwork process. *Please remember to visit my Etsy Shop and share it with your friends and / or Family! And to follow me on Pinterest! Thank You!.

Wooklets + soups

I keep drawing and painting little pretty bambinas. Either on paper or little canvas made of  wood.  On posts earlier, I mentioned I was in the process of creating some jewelry  for sale, and I come up with the “Wooklets” (wood + bracelets). They are available at My Shop.

This one is for a little girl (6.5″). SOLD.

And this cute one for women Available (s-m: 7″). These are both available, plus 1 more at My Etsy Shop. I am also open for special requests: custom wooklets“. Tell me your favorite pet (cat, bird, fish, dog) or the descriptions of your daughter (red hair, blond, dark hair) or for you!

For those who has been reading my blog since 2005, you all know I am a soup lover. The other day I decided to try and cook my First Vegetable Soup with No Meat (no chicken, no shrimps, no ham) Just vegetables. Ah….so…here is a not-so-good-beautiful pic of my soup (looks a little like an old pic) but, this vegetable soup lasted until today! Yes…it was very yummy.

Oh my “Dood”

Oh, doodling, ling-ling, I think It is what I love and enjoy the most  when I create things. I am working on a series of tiny watercolors with the intention of sell them on My Shop. And this is one of the sketches / ideas that are easy coming.

And these are some kitties I drew the other night.

Besides that, I found it interesting that I am very attracted to tiny jewelry and some of them have almost the same color palette I use on my illustrations. Enjoy! Happy Monday! .

Bambinas from the Stars

This is one of my “Bambinitas”. I am painting this cuties on little pieces of wood (mini canvas).  Still in the process of exploration.

This Doll is Copyrighted.


And the image below is a preview of the watercolor painting I am also working on. This is a Very Special piece. It had a little accident while ago. And I really didn’t know how to fix it. So, I stepped back, and let it flow. When I went back, I am glad the image itself told me what to do. When done, I will post new pictures Here (in my blog) and Here. Enjoy! c:

The characters are Copyrighted.

Majeak Woo*klets

Who doesn’t like candies? But these in specific are not, but very tiny white woods instead. I am painting for bracelets! I called them “Majeak Woo*klets bracelets Collection“. I am waiting for more wood-beads to come, and they will become available. Please stay tuned, since I will be also opening a “Sweet Majeak Ann Shop” on Etsy and probably on BigCartel. Here I am sharing a little bit of the process. Have a Great Sunday!

Hand Painted without glaze.

With glaze.


Tiny. Less than 1¢ size. .

So Much fun. So cute. Enjoy!

All signed on back © Majeak Ann 2012. All Rights Reserved.

Cute in Wood

Hello! Note: Today I have decided to write all of my posts in English. I believe it is an Universal language. This idea will help me to post often. c:

Here I am sharing the exploration of creating cute pieces of jewelry. For instance I think little canvas made of wood (I call them “chiclets“) does it for me. First I painted them with my thin watercolor brush, then I bought some extra fine micros (waterproof archival ink) and started to draw on little woods (1” or less).  I think they will look adorable for young girls, women, moms… As soon as I finished the whole process I will post them. They will be limited edition, all unique, with leather cords (perhaps in nude, pink, red and caramel cords). Click here to see more of the jewelry I have been making. Do you like the idea of wearing them as bracelets? Please share your thoughts. Enjoy!

 With archival inks.

I am using cotton cord. I will use leather cord instead.

With a swarovski crystal. For a special friend.