My Gratitude with a GIVEAWAY!

My Birthday was on June 19, and I felt all the Love from my Family, Friends, and so many Great & Lovely people that I have never met. Feeling blessed to be alive and for all the small details that really matters to me. And because of that, and for all the beautiful messages and calls received, I have a way to show you my Gratitude…. with a GIVEAWAY #2 + 1 MORE SURPRISE for the Winner!

P.S. I hope I am not Too late to celebrate it with this Giveway!)

Nota Español: Para amigos/seguidores Hispano parlantes, si tienen duda en la traducción, por favor, envíenme un email a: MAJEAK.ANN@GMAIL.COM.

BD Giveaway II by Majeak Ann


Please Note:

1. This is a tiny cute print, but so lovely. (Not from the limited edition, but Proof Test (P/T).

2. Instruction #6 doesn’t apply for my Blog. It is because I announced it via my Facebook Fan Page.

3. Remember, in order to Participate Follow the instructions (above),  and leave a Comment HERE, on my Blog. To comment, Click on the Bubble (right corner above).

4. Winner will be announced here on my Blog and at my Facebook Fan Page.

Español: Para amigos/seguidores Hispano parlantes, si tienen duda en la traducción, por favor, envíenme un email a: MAJEAK.ANN@GMAIL.COM.

Happy OM…Mother’s Day!

…And Congratulations to the Winner of the “OM…Mother GIVEAWAY” – “OM…Majeak” Giclée Art Print [3.75″ x 6″]: Julia. Hope you All have a wonderful and Very special Day…. Mothers….You Deserve the Best!

My Boyfriend had a funny hard time picking the name with his eyes closed and two thin pink sticks! But finally he did!

Julia, hope you enjoy your cute print! .

* Next Week this print with a couple prints from other Raffle are crossing countries (Dear Hevellyn, yours is finally arriving just before your baby arrives!). More GIVEAWAYS are Coming! Don’t forget to LIKE my Facebook Page or comment here on my Blog! I always love to “meet” new friends from around the World! Sending blessings of light. 


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HERE ☛ Majeak Ann Illustration.

"Om... Mother GiveAway" by Majeak AnnMother’s Day is coming and I am honoring it with a GIVIEAWAY: A Giclée Art Print [3.75″ x 6″] “OM… Majeak“. Thank you for Liking, Sharing and Commenting. Lovely to “meet” You!

Feliz 2013 ♥

Happy New Year 2013! Count the blessings of 2012, and give a Big Welcome to the new Blessings to come! And be Grateful.

¡Feliz Nuevo Año 2013! Cuenta las bendiciones que te regaló el 2012, y prepárate para recibir las que te traerá el 2013. Sé Agradecido / a.

collage blessings 2012

Majeak Woo*klets

Who doesn’t like candies? But these in specific are not, but very tiny white woods instead. I am painting for bracelets! I called them “Majeak Woo*klets bracelets Collection“. I am waiting for more wood-beads to come, and they will become available. Please stay tuned, since I will be also opening a “Sweet Majeak Ann Shop” on Etsy and probably on BigCartel. Here I am sharing a little bit of the process. Have a Great Sunday!

Hand Painted without glaze.

With glaze.


Tiny. Less than 1¢ size. .

So Much fun. So cute. Enjoy!

All signed on back © Majeak Ann 2012. All Rights Reserved.

Give a gesture of Love

English below.

Pequeñas impresiones que estarán disponibles pronto. Regala un detalle de Amor o regálate! Y vamos a transformar el mundo con gesto de am♥r. Un detalle que puede abrirle puertas al Perdón. ¡Besos del Caribe! ¡Lindo fin de semana!


Small prints that are going to be available soon! Send a gift or give yourself a special one, full of love. Let’s transform the work with a gesture of Lve. Give the chance to open the door of Forgiveness. Kisses from the Caribbean! Have a happy weekend!


English below.

Aquí les muestro fotos de el nuevo “charm 3 Hojas Majikas” añadido a la colección “Majikas Joyitas”, Hecho de plata 99.9% pura (Karen Hill Tribe Silver de Tailandia). Pimponsito con tres hojas super adorables estampadas. Todas únicas, ninguna se repite. ¡Que las disfruten!!


Here I am showing new pics of new 3 MAJEAK Leaf charm added to the “Majeak Ann Lil’ Jewel” Collection. A chunky charm with three stamped leafs..looks so adorable and cute. (Karen Hill Tribe silver charm)- from 95-99.9% pure silver. Softer than sterling and easier to stamp into one of a kind designs. Handmade by tribe of northern Thailand. Enjoy!

Bazaar de lo Inusual::Afrodisia

English below.

Illustration/Design by Marjorie Ann/Majeak Ann

Se presenta una NUEVA oportunidad de pasear, escuchar buena música, ver arte y creaciones inusuales, saborear antojitos y bebidas, pasarla simplemente “chillin”,  regalar a esa persona especial o ¡regalarte a Tí!!. Los Días 12 y 13 de Febrero: Bazaar de lo Inusual::Afrodisia (Segunda Edición) en El Quinqué, Calle San Sebastián Viejo San Juan. ¡Gente Linda, Creativa…ven a divertirte! ♥ Regálate Amooorr ♥


A NEW chance, a new opportunity to have a good time, to listen good music, to taste treats and drinks to see unusual art, to give yourself a gift or to that special someone. Second edition: Bazaar de lo Inusual:: Afrodisia, When? February 12 & 13, at El Quinqué, Old San Juan, St. San Sebastián. ♥Give yourself some love ♥

Just Open

English below.

Abrelo y diviértete cuando recibas ese regalo. Sí, la importancia de abrirse a recibir. Ajá, he escuchado esas palabras tantas veces en mi vida. ¿Será porque me resisto a ello? Acostumbrados a regalar a veces sin darnos cuenta…y cuando llega el momento de recibir, no estamos “A-biertos”. En mi caso: “A-bierta” a recibir. Puede ser por el miedo a sentir, a recibir, a no querer soltar o sentir la tristeza cuando debes dejar ir lo que recibimos o tuvimos una vez, porque creemos no lo merecemos. Pero se siente rico recibir, así dure unos instantes:  3 días, 3 horas ó 3 Meses. Y recuerda…si recibes, es porque te LO MERECES. No lo dudes.

Las fotos que muestro fue un regalo especial para una amiga de parte de sus padres. Este collar es parte de la colección “Majeak Ann Lil’ Jewel”.  Y bueno Coraznes Vivos…hasta luego.

Me gusta hacer “Dibujis (doodles)” en los sobres de empaque.

This is a necklace now part of the Majeak Ann Lil’ Jewel Collection. For a client: pink and violet.

.And this envelope will be open in October 30 (I believe). Will show what’s inside in another post later. *.*


Just open yourself. Open to receive. When you do that, you are also returning back the gratification of giving. I admit I have resist it that for a long time. I wondered why, and realized I was scared to look vulnerable. But it is worth it….It doesn’t matter if it last 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 months. This is Life. And when you receive it is because YOU deserve it. Do NOT doubt about it.

The photos I am showing above is a gift for a friend that her parents gave to for her birthday. This (first picture) necklace is part of the Majeak Ann Lil’ Jewel Collection, The second one was for other client. See you later all h♥eart-ers.

P.S. Pssst! Christmas is around the corner. I invite you to start placing your orders for gifts. And believe me, this, when open it, you will be experimenting a “majeakal” experience. *.*

Magenta + Bilberry

English below.

Mandé a buscar dos delicias para leer: “The Peril of a Magnificent Love” (que ya leí) y “A Gorgeous sense of Hope, a Love fable” de Emma Magenta. Son libros con literatura simple y exquisito sentido del humor acompañada de ilustraciones “naif” que me recordaron mucho a mis “dollies”.

¡Me encantan sus “doodles”! Aquí comparto algunas de las ilustraciones favoritas. 

Por alguna razón, las últimas dos me recuerdan a mi sobrina Danalee, será porque le gusta tocar percusión y es su estilo medio “punk”? *.* Me entusiasma y me inspira esta autora/ilustradora. A ver, sí, porque me voy a animar para escribir/ilustrar mis propios cuentos. De hecho son planes que voy a atender en el futuro cercano.

Por otro lado relato sobre las sorpresas que me regala mi isla caribeña. Ayer me saboreé cinco arándanos, mi tierra me sorprende con sus frutos. En la imágen muestro el que aún no me he comido.  Aquí está posando…¡antes de que me lo coma! :p



I bought two books of Emma Magenta and they arrived, I just read “The Peril of a Magnificent Love”. They have this fresh and exquisite quality feel able us readers to enjoy. Also has a funny and interesting simply profound literature  complemented with these quirky illustrations I am sharing above. Love her doodles and her writing. Really enjoyed it, specially the message. This inspires me to write and illustrate my own books. Yes, they are indeed some of the projects I want to attend in the future. The second book: “A Magnificent sense of Hope, a Love Fable” will read it soon. There are very easy to read.

On the other side, yesterday I had the pleasure to taste bilberries from the soil of my caribbean island. I was amazed, surprised to know how delicious they were! In the second image above, there is the last one, posing for me, before I eat it! Enjoy the images! :p

Mini canvas=Tiny Jewels

English below.

Mini gomas de mascar (maderitas blancas) O mini “chiklets” pintados, como desees llamarlo, podrían convertirse en mis nuevos mini canvas por un tiempo corto y podría añadirse a la Colección: “Majeak Ann Lil’ Jewels Part II”, aún no estoy segura, ¿qué ustedes creen? Será una Edición Limitada también. Es un trabajo en progreso y tristemente no estarán a la venta en un futuro cercano.  Mientras les invito a que disfruten de la primera colección de “Majikas Joyitas I” o simplemente házte FAN de MAJEAK ANN ILLUSTRATION.

Otra muestra de las prendas de la creación./Another sample of the jewelry collection.

"Majeakal" Bracelet

Majeak Ann Packaging.

Made with .magic + love.


(ABOVE) You can call them mini “chiklets”, mini canvas, but they are tiny white woods. I am painting cute “majeakal” tiny dollies on them and probably add them to a second Limited Edition of Majeak Ann Lil’ Jewel Part II. This is a work in progress, will not post them in the near future. I am focusing on the First Collection that I hope you will enjoy! You can see the album HERE. Which is also a limited edition jewelry line. Please do email me: MAJEAK.ANN@GMAIL.COM if interested in one or a custom design. Feedbacks are welcome, as well as comments! Would love to hear from you. I also invite you to have the magical experience of receiving a MAJEAK ANN mail! Remember to become a FAN of MAJEAK ANN ILLUSTRATION! Ciao!