Levitating, updating and changing

Hello friends! I am very Happy to see that my list of followers at Bloglovin’ is growing! Because of things like these, it makes me want me come back and write at My Blog. Please, do not forget, that your comments are also welcome, and they “feed” my Blog and makes me want to share more and more!  Although I am currently more active at my Facebook Page, I have always sense that my blog is more personal and intimate. I express some thoughts that I don’t  usually write at my FB page. And it is always nice to know that people come back to read and see that I post.

Lately, I haven’t been able to create, paint, design because of so many duties, hectic times and my actual daytime job. BUT! Changes are coming, New decisions are going to be made, and hopefully will be having more time to create new art. Wanting to add more items at my Etsy Shop too. (Oh….You are all going to LOVE the new designs!) I want to thank you all for all the friendly people that send me messages of love through times, and the people that believe in me and my art,  and for those that keep coming and adore + share my art / illustrations. Life has never been easy for no one. There is always “ups-and-downs”. Life is Like a roller coaster. Lots of learning, I have met lots of Masters while walking my path, gaining experience through it. And ALL of it, have become part of me, and has defined who I am, right now.

And speaking of changes, I am getting a new hair look soon. Going more natural. But keeping the curls! What do you think I am going to do with my hair? 

Majeak Ann hair before change

So… Like usual, I like to doodle (specially “bambinitas”!, and it’s been a while since I sketched one. What do you think: is she levitating? floating, or flying? Next week will share something very special to you. I was part of a precious project for children’s room. Stay tuned. Plus a lovely illustration to be part of my new collection, and consequently will part of My Shop. Please, don’t forget to say hi, leave a comment at my blog. Make it to beat  my blog’s heart!

levitating2 by majeak ann

My Gratitude with a GIVEAWAY!

My Birthday was on June 19, and I felt all the Love from my Family, Friends, and so many Great & Lovely people that I have never met. Feeling blessed to be alive and for all the small details that really matters to me. And because of that, and for all the beautiful messages and calls received, I have a way to show you my Gratitude…. with a GIVEAWAY #2 + 1 MORE SURPRISE for the Winner!

P.S. I hope I am not Too late to celebrate it with this Giveway!)

Nota Español: Para amigos/seguidores Hispano parlantes, si tienen duda en la traducción, por favor, envíenme un email a: MAJEAK.ANN@GMAIL.COM.

BD Giveaway II by Majeak Ann


Please Note:

1. This is a tiny cute print, but so lovely. (Not from the limited edition, but Proof Test (P/T).

2. Instruction #6 doesn’t apply for my Blog. It is because I announced it via my Facebook Fan Page.

3. Remember, in order to Participate Follow the instructions (above),  and leave a Comment HERE, on my Blog. To comment, Click on the Bubble (right corner above).

4. Winner will be announced here on my Blog and at my Facebook Fan Page.

Español: Para amigos/seguidores Hispano parlantes, si tienen duda en la traducción, por favor, envíenme un email a: MAJEAK.ANN@GMAIL.COM.

It’s My Birthday!

Today is my Birthday. Oh my… I feel blessed to be alive and to have so many lovely friends, many people that I love walking my path with me. I feel really grateful for my family and their love. Grateful because my Divine Force is with me, protecting me and taking care of me. I have so much to Give still, so grateful for the strenght to continue living Life and learning all the lessons.

I am celebrating my birthday, but next week I will be honoring it with another GIVEWAY. Click Here for the News on Facebook! But this time, I believe people will have to leave a comment on my Blog to participate. And I will have the honor to meet You. c:

Enjoy the doodles!

Hoy cumplo años y me siento muy bendecida por tener mi familia que tanto amo (algunos cerquita, otros lejos), mi familia extendida (mis amigos), por estar Viva, agradecida de mi Divino Poder por darme las fuerzas para seguir y las bendición de poder compartir un poco de mí con ustedes.

¡Es Mi Cumpleaños! ¡Lista para darle otra vuelta al SOL! [Me siento como “Superman” como cuando se recarga con el Sol. 

BD by majeakann2013 sungiveit

This is another doodle I drew…Superman boy doodle! I just love Superman. Blessings to all. Thank you for visiting!

superman boy by majeak ann3

superman boy by majeak ann color

Bit of Beatles for us

I have been playing with these tiny cute wood blocks. Two messages showed up without thinking it too much. And realized later that they were actually two Title songs from “The Beatles”. I will keep posting kind messages like these…I really liked it. More to come. Enjoy the messages and its reminders! And have a very nice week ahead friends.

Balloon by Majeak Ann - let it be2


♫…And when the night is cloudy there is still a light that shines on me
Shine until tomorrow, let it be…”♪

– The Beatles

imagine by majeak ann


♪ Imagine no possession
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world…♪

♪ You may say I’m a Dreamer

But I am not the only One.

I hope someday you’ll join us

And the World we live as ONE ♪


13… The Most Magical number of them All


I Have reached 1,300 FANS + ! Thank You so Much! And because of it, I have a Sweet Surprise for You as a way to Say Thank You! I am offering a 20% Off for 13 Days, at my Etsy store, HERE! For those who Follow me on Facebook, it started on April 13, 2013. If you haven’t, here is the link to my Facebook Fan Page, HERE

#13... The Most Magical number of them All! Please, Spread the Love….Share the Word! Thank You!

A Little Sea Love

Listen to your body because it always tells you what to do. Every time my body  feels tense, with low energy, drained, blocked or under stress, it is telling me that it is time to Stop, take a break, take a deep breath and visit Nature. Breathing. Walking. Meditating. Feeling. Needed to treat myself good. Remember always to Give yourself a little love that you know you deserve. make some time apart. And enjoy every little thing that surrounds you. This time, I decided to visit the Sea.

mar by majeak ann

We (I went with my boyfriend) got there, placed a blanket on the grass (the sand and sea were close by). Looked at this sky and found this beauty:

sky by majeakann

Even the Moon was there.

la luna by majeakann

Started breathing deeply while listening to the sound of the waves and birds… Then I stood up and took a walk…

blush sand by majeakann

Watch the sea for a little while,  it was way Alive… And Went in…

marjorie y el mar by majeakann

So this is my Tribute for that day.

collage sea sky by majeakann

And of course, I can’t leave this post without adding something cute for you to enjoy. The little cutie you see as prints, it’s “Chinañekita“. It will be added to my Shop soon (made to order).

elie chinanekita by majeakann

Here is the original version: (Thanks for stopping by my blog!)

chinanekita by majeak ann copyrighted2

Piu bella bambina! (Bambina Collection)

Piú bella bambinas…from My Bambina Collection (in progress).  It’s a theme line I have been developing since 2007. I admit I love little, cute characters. When little, I remember I got a tiny puppet finger, cute dolly I used to love, and I wish I could have it right now, to show you. My “Bambinas” has been constantly evolving. Bambina means “baby girl or child”. And that’s how I call them. These cute little almost tiny children will turn into or will being transferred into lovely products. Not yet, but they Will. Just sharing with you. I hope you love them as much as I do. 

This one in specific I’m thinking on turning it into a pillow and / or cards. Any more ideas that come to your mind?

This is a Recent one (A sneak peek!):

bambina series by majeak ann copyrightedA little close – up (With a Red nose!):
heart balloon rednose by majeak ann

Drawings, cartoons, little figures (such as dolls, little sculptures for decorations), movies, scents and even food, bring me memories of my childhood. I would love to read what things brings you memories of your childhood. Please share, I would like to know.

And these sandwiches? My Mom did. Definitely took me back to the 80’s.  

color sandwiches i love by majeakann

Kites & Skies,and a Caribbean breeze…

How much I adore Kites. By just remembering it, It makes me travel back to my childhood. My dad taught me to fly kites. I remember the ones he bought us when we were little (for me and my sisters). All handmade paper kites: light and colorful, with wood sticks. Continuing with the series of my Puerto Rican theme line (that will be working on, as soon as I finish with a project I am involved – which I can’t tell yet!- but I am sure you are going to LOVE. I am sharing with you another typical vignette of my island: Children’s flying Kites (“Chiringas“) at El Morro (San Juan).

The sketch is kind of blurry, but you will appreciate more the details once is colored.

chiringa sketch by majeak ann

I wanted also to introduce along with this special theme, and adorn this post with the beautiful photography of Charlene Precious. Very whimsical, like a Dream. vintage inspired photography. She has a shop: Click Here to see all the Beauty on her photography. I love what she wrote on the pic:

“True courage is like a Kite; a contrary wind raises it higher”.

kite by charlene precious

Have a cup of tea…

of Love.
I drew this sketch thinking of the love I have for tea, the love I have for my boyfriend, (who also happens to love tea) and for making me love green tea too (besides, chamomile, linden flower, herbs and berry tea). I was also thinking on using this sketch for the New line Design of cards I am developing: Simple. Fresh. Loving. Designs. I can’t wait to have my designs printed on cards, even letterpress cards. Step by step… but they will come out. And you are going to Love them.

Dibujé este boceto porque adoro el té, por el amor que le tengo a mi novio, (que de paso también le encanta el té), y por hacerme que me guste el té verde también. aparte de los que ya me gustaban como el de camomila, tilo, hierbas y algunas frutas cítricas. También estaba utilizar este boceto para que sea parte de la Nueva Línea de tarjetas. Diseños: Simple. Frescos. Adorables. Poco a poco se han ido desarrollando… Ha tomado su tiempo, pero saldrán. ¡Y estoy segura les encantará!

Sketch Design by Majeak Ann

Feliz 2013 ♥

Happy New Year 2013! Count the blessings of 2012, and give a Big Welcome to the new Blessings to come! And be Grateful.

¡Feliz Nuevo Año 2013! Cuenta las bendiciones que te regaló el 2012, y prepárate para recibir las que te traerá el 2013. Sé Agradecido / a.

collage blessings 2012

Respect the Tree.

Hello Friends! I remember  used to participate almost every week on Illustration Friday, since 2005. But then, because Life and its circumstances (some of them out my control) I had to make a pause (but not entire) to my artistic path and had to focus on another path (for a little while). I am thankful, truly grateful for all the inspiring letters and lovely feedback from people/ friends around the World (not only from my Country) that has sent me about my artwork, that is what makes me come back, and to keep following my dreams: to Have one day, my whole line of products and make it come TRUE. The Good News, is that is in the process, and It already started to become Real. c:
I created this illustration a couple months ago, but finally able to post it, perfect for this Illustration Friday’s topic of the week: “Tree”. Enjoy!
And this is what She Said: “Hey! Respect my Tree. Thank You”. 

P.S. Remember to follow me on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and even take a look at My Shop. (Stay tuned, since I will be adding sweet prints soon!)

Hola Amigos/as lectores! Recuerdo cuando solía participar en Illustration Friday, casi todas las semanas (desde el 2005). La Vida te presenta oportunidades y experiencias (algunas en las cuales no se tiene control) que en mi caso me desviaron un poco de mi camino artístico (aunque nunca completamente). Gracias a todas esas cartas que recibo y retroalimentación tan linda de personas alrededor del Mundo (no sólo de mi país) que admiran mi Arte, es que sigo, y me mantengo en pie, y vuelvo a re-enfocarme en mis sueños: La idea de contar con Mi propia línea de Productos, y convertirla REALIDAD. Sin embargo, las Buenas Noticias son, es que ya está en el proceso y ha comenzado. Agradecida. c: .

Hace unos meses había creado esta ilustración, pero no la había compartido. Pienso que es Perfecta para el tema de esta semana de “Illustration Friday” : “Tree”. Y esto es lo que ella dice: “Hey… este es mi árbol!. Gracias”.