Bambino Boys

Hi friends. I am drawing more boys! These are “Bambinos” boys! © by Majeak Ann
bee boo boy stand doodle3b by majeakann

 I love my boys as well as y little girls (“Bambinas“).

bee boo boy doodle by majeakann

Here is another one! I drew them in 2013, I shared them at my FB page. Please, don’t forget to LIKE he page!

bee boy doodle margarete by majeakann

And another one! May you all have a good weekend! Enjoy! And share the Love. ♥

Noche Buena ★ ¡Feliz Navidad!

Oh…tonight we have a “Noche Buena“… a Holy Night… And always love it, specially because I can feel the spirit, even more during this season. Besides these Xmas drawings, I am sharing some extradoodle/sketches I have been drawing lately. Enjoy!

Merry Xmas 2013 by Majeak Ann

BTW, What do you Wish for Christmas? Please share!

And… Want do I want for Christmas? Well, it is simple, and it may sound corny, but, really really really… all I want is Peace + Love. But, yes, one or two gifts won’t do harm.

Bambina and xmas tree by Majeak Ann

May you all have a very Magical one and Happy Holidays! And I wish you to have a very successful, full of health and many happy moments New Year 2014!

And… One more! c:

message in majeak garlands by majeakann

All Doodles are Copyrighted ©. Please, if you share them, be kind, and link back to my blog, or give the artist’s credit. Thanks so much!! Blessings of light!

Doodle short clip Wonder!

Have you ever wonder to see my hand drawing in action? Well, thanks to IG, now we can create / see short videos (short clips of 15 secs) of our own. To see one of my short clips (doodling!) click Here! As I mentioned in earlier posts I am working on a line of “Bambinas“. Some I post on my Instagram account. If you would like to Follow me on Instagram click Here (Important note: For Now, my IG is Private. I am only accepting requests of people interested in Art / illustration, constant followers, not from People that I never have contact with.  i.e. (People that Never Like, never Share, Never comment. My apologies). My Instagram might be Public, but not yet…

And this is one of my Bambinas (doodle). I have been Drawing sketches, doodling them for a beautiful product with a purpose. Slowly developing them… Hope you like them. Please, Share + Enjoy! 

bambina cat by majeak ann

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• NOTE  – To see my Very First short clip you can also click Here.

More studies! Bambina Doodles: •.•

bambinas studies by majeakann

Bit of Beatles for us

I have been playing with these tiny cute wood blocks. Two messages showed up without thinking it too much. And realized later that they were actually two Title songs from “The Beatles”. I will keep posting kind messages like these…I really liked it. More to come. Enjoy the messages and its reminders! And have a very nice week ahead friends.

Balloon by Majeak Ann - let it be2


♫…And when the night is cloudy there is still a light that shines on me
Shine until tomorrow, let it be…”♪

– The Beatles

imagine by majeak ann


♪ Imagine no possession
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world…♪

♪ You may say I’m a Dreamer

But I am not the only One.

I hope someday you’ll join us

And the World we live as ONE ♪


Wheel ride. (sketch)

Here another sketch that I will be coloring. Not sure yet if coloring it in watercolor o digitally. I don’t know…what to you guys think? His name is Wholly, and He loves his wheel bike. And he likes to ride it at Night.

wheel up sketch by majeak ann mark2

His name is Wholly. And he likes to ride at Night.

He aquí otro boceto que pienso colorear. No estoy segura aún si pintarlo en acuarela o digitalmente. ¿Qué ustedes opinan? El se llama Wholly, y adora su bicicleta antigua. Y le gusta correrla de noche.

Piu bella bambina! (Bambina Collection)

Piú bella bambinas…from My Bambina Collection (in progress).  It’s a theme line I have been developing since 2007. I admit I love little, cute characters. When little, I remember I got a tiny puppet finger, cute dolly I used to love, and I wish I could have it right now, to show you. My “Bambinas” has been constantly evolving. Bambina means “baby girl or child”. And that’s how I call them. These cute little almost tiny children will turn into or will being transferred into lovely products. Not yet, but they Will. Just sharing with you. I hope you love them as much as I do. 

This one in specific I’m thinking on turning it into a pillow and / or cards. Any more ideas that come to your mind?

This is a Recent one (A sneak peek!):

bambina series by majeak ann copyrightedA little close – up (With a Red nose!):
heart balloon rednose by majeak ann

Drawings, cartoons, little figures (such as dolls, little sculptures for decorations), movies, scents and even food, bring me memories of my childhood. I would love to read what things brings you memories of your childhood. Please share, I would like to know.

And these sandwiches? My Mom did. Definitely took me back to the 80’s.  

color sandwiches i love by majeakann

It’s a Honeynoon Moon

You know I have a thing for tiny-cute things. This is one of the mini doodles I am painting. I am working on several personal projects at the same time. But you know I am here. •.•

“A Honeynoon Moon” [watercolor in the process].

Ya saben que me encantan las cositas “cute” + mini. Esta es una de las acuarelitas que estoy pintando. Ando laborando varios proyectos a la vez. Pero sigo por aquí cerquita . 

Two more and a Sweet

English below. 

¡Hola! En publicacions anteriores les había contado que ando trabajando con unos mini bocetos (mini doodles). Poco a poco crece la serie de mini dibujos a convertirse en pinturas mini y otras grandes (medio acuarela y otros en acrílico). Será una colección que espero sea infinita. Aquí comparto nuevos dibujillos a lapiz.  

Esta foto es de uno de mis “cupcakes” favoritos ‘Red Velvet‘  relleno con crema “bavaria”. Mi novio me lo regaló, ¡Sí! le tuve que tomar una foto, son tan lindos! Rico, rico…se los recomiendo si aún no los han probado.

Bueno, mañana llega un Temporal a mi isla. Ah! Ya estamos acostumbrados. Pronto vengo con más del proceso artístico. Recuerden visitar mi tienda en Etsy y compartirla con sus amigos / familiares. También puedes seguirme en Pinterest! ¡Gracias!


Hello friends! On earlier posts I mentioned that I’ve been working on mini doodles. Little by little the series of mini doodles is growing and will turned into mini paintings (some of them bigger size). I will be using watercolor and acrylics as a medium for them. I just hope this collection of paintings be infinite. •.• Here is another doodle (above).I had to take a picture of one of my favorite cupcakes “Red Velvet” filled with bavarian cream (above). It was a gift from my boyfriend…Yes… I had to, cupcakes are so pretty and yummy! Try it, it’s really good (if you haven’t). I’ll be back with more of the artwork process. *Please remember to visit my Etsy Shop and share it with your friends and / or Family! And to follow me on Pinterest! Thank You!.

Oh my “Dood”

Oh, doodling, ling-ling, I think It is what I love and enjoy the most  when I create things. I am working on a series of tiny watercolors with the intention of sell them on My Shop. And this is one of the sketches / ideas that are easy coming.

And these are some kitties I drew the other night.

Besides that, I found it interesting that I am very attracted to tiny jewelry and some of them have almost the same color palette I use on my illustrations. Enjoy! Happy Monday! .

Bambinas from the Stars

This is one of my “Bambinitas”. I am painting this cuties on little pieces of wood (mini canvas).  Still in the process of exploration.

This Doll is Copyrighted.


And the image below is a preview of the watercolor painting I am also working on. This is a Very Special piece. It had a little accident while ago. And I really didn’t know how to fix it. So, I stepped back, and let it flow. When I went back, I am glad the image itself told me what to do. When done, I will post new pictures Here (in my blog) and Here. Enjoy! c:

The characters are Copyrighted.

Family Time

English below.

Hola! Los voy a dejar con dos caritas (viñetas) que hice para la Editorial SM. He finalizado, después de tantos contratiempos y pruebas. Y ahora a reencontrarme con mi familia hasta el Domingo. Cabaña-Playa-Rincón-Familia, uhhhh,  qué chévere! Nos lo merecemos. Que más puedo pedir? Serán días memorables. Hacía años que no hacíamos esto.

Mucho éxito y suerte a todos. Mucha Luz y la mejor de las vibras. Hasta la semana que viene! Gracias y que los disfruten!

Please, do not copy. © Ediciones SM


I will be out of town. I will be spending quality time (finally) with my family until next Sunday. All I can say, these are going to memorable times, I barely remember the last time we did this. It’s been a while. We are going to stay at a rented beach house at Rincón=Beach-Family-Quality time-ohhh–Rincón. I am excited, we totally deserve it.

I am also finally done with the project I was working on for Ediciones SM (tiny illustrations above). Wish you all great weekend ahead, luck, success and the best vibes always. See you next week! Enjoy and thanks!