And It whispered…

Listening for a song Bambina by Majeak Ann


“It whispered in our ears showing us what hope was…”

Who can live without Music? Not me! c: I LOVE Music. Most part of the time I get inspired by it, it uplift me, and sometimes It makes me draw when I am out of inspiration. And there are songs that are able to communicate and make you feel even without lyrics. If you look at the sketch above, this cute floating character that is half-fish half-bird, whispered something to her, it’s a little secret, but you will find out if you “listen” closer to the heart… Mother Nature always talk to us. 

Cute but Crooked hat

English below.

No sabía si utilizar esta ilustración reciente para el tema de esta semana de Illustration Friday: “Crooked”, creo le va. Esta “bambinita” cuando decide hacer sus paseos, la acompañan sus mini amigos y su sombrero especial, sí, algo torcidito. Hace tiempo que no participo en IF. Desde que rediseñaron la página no había participado. 


Aquí la imagen de cuando la estaba pintando.


I have decided to post this tiny illustration for this week’s Illustration Friday theme: “Crooked”. She goes for walks with these two tiny friends along with her favorite cute but crooked hat. It’s been a while since my last participation for IF. I remember I did it, before it was redesign. Enjoy!