Bambino Boys

Hi friends. I am drawing more boys! These are “Bambinos” boys! © by Majeak Ann
bee boo boy stand doodle3b by majeakann

 I love my boys as well as y little girls (“Bambinas“).

bee boo boy doodle by majeakann

Here is another one! I drew them in 2013, I shared them at my FB page. Please, don’t forget to LIKE he page!

bee boy doodle margarete by majeakann

And another one! May you all have a good weekend! Enjoy! And share the Love. ♥

Happy New Year and First Doodle!

¡Hola! Happy New Year 2014 Everyone!! I wish you all have a wonderful, very productive year, full of blessings, opportunities of growing, many smiles, health, peace and Love in the New Year!

Here I am sharing a short video of medley for all of you of 2013.  Click HERE to watch it.

Yep. This is my First Post + First Doodle of the Year!! (Drew the doodle last night!)

Doodle 1/365

1-365 paper boat doodle by Majeak Ann

Close – up

1-365 close up doodles by Majeak Ann

I will be drawing 365 doodles/drawings through out the year. I started to do this as a way to have a more deeper connection and compromise with myself and to get the focus I need on working on one things or two (since I like to do so many things at the same time!). And very important, to have an constant discipline to be able to finish the whole line of “Bambinas” and more!

The Good news are that many good things are happening and will be happening. I will keep believing that IT IS POSSIBLE.  

Other news:I will Updating once or twice a week, (mostly Monday and/or Thursday).

As far as the 365 doodles, if you would like to see all and /or to Follow, visit my Facebook page and/or Instagram. IG, is still (for now) a private account, but if you are an Art/Illustration/Photography lover, and would like to interact with me (like saying “Hello”, or “Like” my posts, you are more than Welcome! Thank you for understanding.

With Love , Marjorie Ann

“Caballerito” Limited Edition print

 Caballerito by Majeak Ann

Caballerito” means little Gentle-Man. We, women, should raise our little boys with love and kindness, teach them about loyalty, respect and honor. So they can become Good Men, Good “Caballeritos”. Good little Gentlemen, the New Men in this Planet, Men that are not afraid to be vulnerable, Men that respect themselves and love their Women for who they Are.
This print is now available at my Shop con Etsy. Click here to visit. Please, share it with your family & friends. Have a nice Life!

Caballerito“. Mujeres que se convertirán en madres, debemos criar nuestros niños  con amor, dulzura, enseñarles lo que es el Respecto y el Honor (pues se ha perdido mucho con el tiempo). Y está en nuestras manos convertir estos Nuevos niños de nuevas generaciones en los Nuevos Hombres del Planeta, Caballeros valientes, honrados, que no le tienen miedo a mostrarse vulnerables, que se respetan y respetan y aman a las mujeres por lo que son. Esta ilustración está disponible para impresión (Print) Edición Limitada de 25. Y estuvo expuesta en mi exhibición. Para ver detalles del “Print” pulsar aquí, y ver mi Tienda. Compártan mi tienda con su familia y amigos. ¡Muchas Gracias! Que tengan una Buena Vida.

Wheel ride. (sketch)

Here another sketch that I will be coloring. Not sure yet if coloring it in watercolor o digitally. I don’t know…what to you guys think? His name is Wholly, and He loves his wheel bike. And he likes to ride it at Night.

wheel up sketch by majeak ann mark2

His name is Wholly. And he likes to ride at Night.

He aquí otro boceto que pienso colorear. No estoy segura aún si pintarlo en acuarela o digitalmente. ¿Qué ustedes opinan? El se llama Wholly, y adora su bicicleta antigua. Y le gusta correrla de noche.

Boy and a gift

English below.

¡Hola amigos/ as lectores!Disculpen mi ausencia. En estas semanas he estado organizándome y trabajando con ilustraciones. Ando “cocinando” par de cosas. proyectos personales, que luego compartiré con ustedes por aquí on en mi página de Facebook. Mientras aquí los dejo con un boceto de “niño” del trabajo que completo hoy.

Y para no perder la costumbre, aquí otro bocetillo pintado, “doodle” de las bambinitas que sigo dibujando. Esta en especial, la envié como detalle- regalo sorpresa y viajó a Singapore. Ya regreso en par de días.


Hello dear Friends. I have been absent these days. During these past weeks I have been organizing myself, (a lot going on) and working on some new illustration works. I am planning some things you might be interested, personal projects. Some new artworks will be added here and or / on my Facebook page. I will be sharing with you later on. Meanwhile here is one of the “boy sketch”  (above) from the project and another painted doodle that traveled as a detail “gift surprise” to Singapore. See you back in a couple days.