My Etsy Shop! re-Opened!

Hi friends! I just re-Opened my Etsy Shop. Lots of new beautiful designs. For the moment I have only Prints available, but planning on having greeting cards as well! The good news is that I am currently working on a new children’s book. Please, stay tuned and add me to bloglovin’ for updates. Will be sharing new sketches during the day. If there is something you would like to see in my etsy shop, do not hesitate to comment here, below. Have a Great week!

Gentle Heart

1-blog- Gentle heart card bambina by Majeak Ann

Accesa a tu corazón muy a menudo para obtener respuestas, para atravesar el miedo y convertirlo en tu aliado, coloca tu mano sobre tu corazón y sentirlo, cerrar tus ojos, cuando tengas unas ganas fuertes de llorar pero no puedes, cuando desees escribir una poesía, la letra de una canción o simplemente sentarte a pintar. Aquí les comparto este dibujo impreso de un “doodle” que había compartido antes.
Ando muy agradecia por las bendiciones que me brinda la vida. En el nuevo año 2015 tendré nuevos diseños “Bambinas y Bambinos” para la venta en mi tienda Etsy. ¡Al fin tengo una impresora profesional!
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It’s a good thing to access your Heart everyday, it will get the answers. Everytime you feel fear, place your hand on your heart and feel it, sooner or later the fear will become you ally. Everytime you feel the urge to cry, to write a song or a beautiful poetry, feel your heart. I am blessed and grateful for what I have. Next year (2015) is going to be a breakthrough year. Finally my new line of “Bambinas” is coming alive. New prints will be available at my etsy shop. I have a new professional printer, Finally!
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My Gratitude with a GIVEAWAY!

My Birthday was on June 19, and I felt all the Love from my Family, Friends, and so many Great & Lovely people that I have never met. Feeling blessed to be alive and for all the small details that really matters to me. And because of that, and for all the beautiful messages and calls received, I have a way to show you my Gratitude…. with a GIVEAWAY #2 + 1 MORE SURPRISE for the Winner!

P.S. I hope I am not Too late to celebrate it with this Giveway!)

Nota Español: Para amigos/seguidores Hispano parlantes, si tienen duda en la traducción, por favor, envíenme un email a: MAJEAK.ANN@GMAIL.COM.

BD Giveaway II by Majeak Ann


Please Note:

1. This is a tiny cute print, but so lovely. (Not from the limited edition, but Proof Test (P/T).

2. Instruction #6 doesn’t apply for my Blog. It is because I announced it via my Facebook Fan Page.

3. Remember, in order to Participate Follow the instructions (above),  and leave a Comment HERE, on my Blog. To comment, Click on the Bubble (right corner above).

4. Winner will be announced here on my Blog and at my Facebook Fan Page.

Español: Para amigos/seguidores Hispano parlantes, si tienen duda en la traducción, por favor, envíenme un email a: MAJEAK.ANN@GMAIL.COM.


☁ ♛ OMMother GIVEAWAY ♛ ☁ To Participate, Please visit my Facebook Fan Page  (Not Here) to participate and Follow the Magic Steps

HERE ☛ Majeak Ann Illustration.

"Om... Mother GiveAway" by Majeak AnnMother’s Day is coming and I am honoring it with a GIVIEAWAY: A Giclée Art Print [3.75″ x 6″] “OM… Majeak“. Thank you for Liking, Sharing and Commenting. Lovely to “meet” You!

“Caballerito” Limited Edition print

 Caballerito by Majeak Ann

Caballerito” means little Gentle-Man. We, women, should raise our little boys with love and kindness, teach them about loyalty, respect and honor. So they can become Good Men, Good “Caballeritos”. Good little Gentlemen, the New Men in this Planet, Men that are not afraid to be vulnerable, Men that respect themselves and love their Women for who they Are.
This print is now available at my Shop con Etsy. Click here to visit. Please, share it with your family & friends. Have a nice Life!

Caballerito“. Mujeres que se convertirán en madres, debemos criar nuestros niños  con amor, dulzura, enseñarles lo que es el Respecto y el Honor (pues se ha perdido mucho con el tiempo). Y está en nuestras manos convertir estos Nuevos niños de nuevas generaciones en los Nuevos Hombres del Planeta, Caballeros valientes, honrados, que no le tienen miedo a mostrarse vulnerables, que se respetan y respetan y aman a las mujeres por lo que son. Esta ilustración está disponible para impresión (Print) Edición Limitada de 25. Y estuvo expuesta en mi exhibición. Para ver detalles del “Print” pulsar aquí, y ver mi Tienda. Compártan mi tienda con su familia y amigos. ¡Muchas Gracias! Que tengan una Buena Vida.