And It whispered…

Listening for a song Bambina by Majeak Ann


“It whispered in our ears showing us what hope was…”

Who can live without Music? Not me! c: I LOVE Music. Most part of the time I get inspired by it, it uplift me, and sometimes It makes me draw when I am out of inspiration. And there are songs that are able to communicate and make you feel even without lyrics. If you look at the sketch above, this cute floating character that is half-fish half-bird, whispered something to her, it’s a little secret, but you will find out if you “listen” closer to the heart… Mother Nature always talk to us. 

Wheel ride. (sketch)

Here another sketch that I will be coloring. Not sure yet if coloring it in watercolor o digitally. I don’t know…what to you guys think? His name is Wholly, and He loves his wheel bike. And he likes to ride it at Night.

wheel up sketch by majeak ann mark2

His name is Wholly. And he likes to ride at Night.

He aquí otro boceto que pienso colorear. No estoy segura aún si pintarlo en acuarela o digitalmente. ¿Qué ustedes opinan? El se llama Wholly, y adora su bicicleta antigua. Y le gusta correrla de noche.

Kites & Skies,and a Caribbean breeze…

How much I adore Kites. By just remembering it, It makes me travel back to my childhood. My dad taught me to fly kites. I remember the ones he bought us when we were little (for me and my sisters). All handmade paper kites: light and colorful, with wood sticks. Continuing with the series of my Puerto Rican theme line (that will be working on, as soon as I finish with a project I am involved – which I can’t tell yet!- but I am sure you are going to LOVE. I am sharing with you another typical vignette of my island: Children’s flying Kites (“Chiringas“) at El Morro (San Juan).

The sketch is kind of blurry, but you will appreciate more the details once is colored.

chiringa sketch by majeak ann

I wanted also to introduce along with this special theme, and adorn this post with the beautiful photography of Charlene Precious. Very whimsical, like a Dream. vintage inspired photography. She has a shop: Click Here to see all the Beauty on her photography. I love what she wrote on the pic:

“True courage is like a Kite; a contrary wind raises it higher”.

kite by charlene precious

Have a cup of tea…

of Love.
I drew this sketch thinking of the love I have for tea, the love I have for my boyfriend, (who also happens to love tea) and for making me love green tea too (besides, chamomile, linden flower, herbs and berry tea). I was also thinking on using this sketch for the New line Design of cards I am developing: Simple. Fresh. Loving. Designs. I can’t wait to have my designs printed on cards, even letterpress cards. Step by step… but they will come out. And you are going to Love them.

Dibujé este boceto porque adoro el té, por el amor que le tengo a mi novio, (que de paso también le encanta el té), y por hacerme que me guste el té verde también. aparte de los que ya me gustaban como el de camomila, tilo, hierbas y algunas frutas cítricas. También estaba utilizar este boceto para que sea parte de la Nueva Línea de tarjetas. Diseños: Simple. Frescos. Adorables. Poco a poco se han ido desarrollando… Ha tomado su tiempo, pero saldrán. ¡Y estoy segura les encantará!

Sketch Design by Majeak Ann

Boy and a gift

English below.

¡Hola amigos/ as lectores!Disculpen mi ausencia. En estas semanas he estado organizándome y trabajando con ilustraciones. Ando “cocinando” par de cosas. proyectos personales, que luego compartiré con ustedes por aquí on en mi página de Facebook. Mientras aquí los dejo con un boceto de “niño” del trabajo que completo hoy.

Y para no perder la costumbre, aquí otro bocetillo pintado, “doodle” de las bambinitas que sigo dibujando. Esta en especial, la envié como detalle- regalo sorpresa y viajó a Singapore. Ya regreso en par de días.


Hello dear Friends. I have been absent these days. During these past weeks I have been organizing myself, (a lot going on) and working on some new illustration works. I am planning some things you might be interested, personal projects. Some new artworks will be added here and or / on my Facebook page. I will be sharing with you later on. Meanwhile here is one of the “boy sketch”  (above) from the project and another painted doodle that traveled as a detail “gift surprise” to Singapore. See you back in a couple days.